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Pastilla made from pears at home - excellent delicacy

These sweets are delicious and tenderdelicacy. In addition, pastilles from pears at home - a dish that can make even an inexperienced mistress herself with the usual kitchen. And also: this dish contains a very small amount of sugar, so it has undeniable advantages over other variants of blanks from useful fruit for the winter. Today we will tell you how to make pastilles from pears at home. Here are a few simple recipes.

pastilles from pears at home

Preparing fruit

For cooking dishes suitable for any varietypears. However, preference is given to fruits with unstable flesh - so it will be easier to work with them. Pears should be carefully rinsed thoroughly, then wiped with a dry towel. Next, the fruit is cut into quarters and cleaned from the pedicels and seed boxes. Peel can be removed with a knife for vegetables, but experienced chefs advise making a pastille of pears at home, directly with the skin: it contains pectin and minerals useful to the human body. If the fruit is partially damaged, rotten or crumpled places are cut out.

Pastilla from pears at home: a recipe in the oven

By the way, unsweetened version of this dish is perfect for those who suffer from diabetes, as well as all fans of a healthy lifestyle that follows their figure, vegetarians.

We will need:

  • pears in the amount of one kilogram (you want more - then proportionally increase other ingredients);
  • half a cup of water;
  • lean oil - very little, for smearing.
    pastilles from pears at home recipe

Cooking process

How to prepare a pasta from pears at home?

  1. We put the prepared fruits in a container with high sides, add water. It is needed in order that the fruit does not stick to the surface of the container, until the juice is released.
  2. Cover the container and let it sit on a low heat until the pears are soft. If they are too juicy and juice is a bit too much, then some can be drained into a separate bowl.
  3. After extinguishing a pear, break it into a kind of mashed potatoes. If they were preparing directly with the skin, grind it through a strainer to remove it. If the pieces have been cleaned, simply grind them in a blender or with a beater to make mashed potatoes. The main thing that is required here: to achieve a homogeneous mass, without lumps.
  4. Slightly confused, already cooked pureeadd to the baking sheet, which must first be covered with cooking paper for baking, lubricating with a thin layer of oil. The time of preparation depends on the thickness of the layer. At maximum, it does not exceed five millimeters (or better - even thinner).
  5. how to cook pastilles from pears at home
    Dry the prepared pastille with pears in the homeconditions in the oven at a temperature of not more than one hundred degrees Celsius. Do this with the oven door closed loosely to ensure air access. By time, the drying takes from one to three hours (depends on the thickness of the semi-finished layer). We take out of the stove.
  6. Pastilla made from pears at home is almost ready! We warm it up in the form of rolls, and then cut it for more convenient storage.

"Belevskaya" pastilles from pears at home

Usually (in the classical recipe, coined inthe city of Belevo, Tula Province) is prepared on the basis of apples. Here is an option with pears, which also deserves close attention. Such a pastila has a delicate taste of fruit and a souffle structure, and remains juicy, despite the fact that it is dried for a long time.

Belevian pastille made from pears at home

Cooking is easy!

First, prepare the puree from pears (take one kilogram) in a blender. But before that, bake the fruit in the oven to a soft state.

Then add a half cup of sugar to the mass and whisk it until the mashed potatoes increase in volume and lighten.

Proteins of raw eggs (2 pieces) beat up with half a glass of sugar, adding it gradually.

Pear puree is combined with whipped whites andcarefully mix (you can blender or mixer, and you can in the old fashion, manually). We put in a separate bowl several spoons of the mixture to lubricate the prepared dish.

Beat the mashed potatoes with a thin layer (2 cm) on a baking sheet lined with parchment. Top with a little sugar powder, smoothing the layer with a spatula.

Dry in the oven at a temperature of 90 degrees- 3-5 hours. Then we remove and cut the layer into several parts - one we put on the other, promazyvaya between them the preserved puree with proteins. You can serve to the table - just lick your fingers!

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