/ How to prepare the pastille at home?

How to prepare the pastille at home?

Pastila is an Old Russian delicacy, whichis made from sweet and sour apples. In fact, there are many ways to prepare a delicious, gentle and soft dessert. The best varieties of pastille are prepared in Kolomna, Tula, Rzhev and Bellevue. An important ingredient in this natural sweetness is the egg whites, which give it airiness and lightness. The idea of ​​cooking is that all the ingredients are mixed, and then beat into a very thick and fluffy consistency.

pastila at home

Then the mass is poured into a special shape thinlayer and allowed to dry for about 48 hours. Previously it was much easier to cook - in the oven. Despite all the difficulties, modern mistresses manage to do it themselves. Pastila at home is prepared from any fruit and berries (apples, plums, pears, currants, cherries, apricots, grapes) rich in pectin. To add a sweet taste, sugar can be added to it. It retains all the useful properties and unmatched scent.

Apple home pastilles: recipe


- a kilogram of apples;

- cinnamon and nutmeg (to taste);

- butter (10 g);

- lemon juice (20 g);

- Sugar - about a glass.

You will also need:

- baking sheet;

- enamel basin for cooking;

- blender and knife.

Fruits carefully washed, cut skin,take out the core and cut into quarters. Fold the apples in a saucepan, pour water (to cover the fruit), close the lid and cook until it is boiled (average 10-15 minutes). Drain the juice from the boiled apples, and rub the flesh through the blender. We add cinnamon, sugar, lemon juice and nutmeg, we cool it.

homemade pastilles recipe

Cover the pan with parchment paper,lubricate with butter and thin layer spread the mass. Then we send it to the oven to dry. You can dry it in the sun for a few days or on a battery. Pastila at home is very gentle and useful. It is prepared simply, but eaten quickly.

It can be stored all year in linen orgauze pouches impregnated with saline solution. And you can put it in a sterilized jar and screw it. Pastila, cooked at home, combined with honey, coffee, tea, fruit fruit drinks. This is an excellent alternative to factory sweets.

A recipe for pastilles cooked from cowberries at home


- a glass of sugar;

- four glasses of fresh cowberry.

Wash the cranberries in an enamel or ceramic pot and send it to the oven for 3 hours (temperature about 70 degrees) until it is completely steamed.

After a certain time, we remove and grindUsing a sieve, you can grind in a blender. In mashed potatoes add sugar. We cover the berry mass on the parchment leaf and again we send it to the oven to dry for 2 hours. The dried layer is covered with berry puree and left in the oven. In the end, it should be 3-4 layers.

Ready-made pastille at home cutstripes or slices and stored for a year. For flavor, you can add various spices, for example, cloves. Instead of cowberries, you can use gooseberry or black and red currants. The recipe for berries does not change. Very tasty it turns out, if to prepare at once from several fruits: a banana and a black currant, a cowberry and a melon, a cherry and a gooseberry, etc. Everything depends on imagination. Cook with pleasure!

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