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Amazing and useful product - pastila. Calorie content is not important!

Pastila is an old Russian sweet, whichknown since the 14th century. She has a light consistency, a "melting" texture, and this is due to apples, berries, honey and carefully whipped proteins. Previously, such a fruit mass was beaten up to two days, and after that the product was baked for twelve hours. In real Russian ovens, with the use of alder firewood, the real Russian pastila was dried. The caloric content of this product was low, because white sugar was not added to it, and it was about 180 kcal.

Pastilla, the caloric content of which is very high - a fake treat

grazed caloric content
At present, the technology for making thisgoodies has changed a little: instead of honey, white sugar is used, and instead of apple puree and proteins, agar-agar is added - it is a plant substance that has a gelling effect. Due to this, the production process of such a delicacy loved by many people as pastillas is reduced. Calorie content, respectively, is doubled and is about 350 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Pastila, its calorie and glucose - enhance the work of the brain!

It should be noted that pectin substancesdetermine the useful properties of this product. It is pectin that removes toxins from the body, salts of heavy metals, and also increases immunity and positively affects the digestive organs. Glucose, which strengthens the brain, a lot of vitamins and other nutrients - all this contains real pasta. Caloric content as a result - not the most important in this confectionery product, it is important that it has useful properties and does not contain flavoring and coloring agents. Unfair producers can add substances that will provoke the appearance of allergic reactions.

Pastila, caloric content and proper table setting

pastel belevskaya
This product is popular not only in ourcountry, but also beyond its borders. Their ways of serving in each country has such a dessert as pastilles. Calorie content is not taken into account, because it can be fed to wine, which itself can be high in calorie, with cheese or with citrus jelly, which also has a large number of calories if white sugar is added to it.

Pastel Belevskaya - air and puff

However, despite the fact that they are currently manufacturingsuch a confectionery product only in large food factories, there is still a manual preparation of this unique delicacy - it pastel Belevskaya. Do it in Bellevia, it turns out a real air and puff pastilles, which is recognized in many countries of the world. They started this kind of pastil in the last century, in one year the Prokhorov family baked a lot of apples and did not know what to do with them, and someone from the household suggested adding squirrels and baking this mass in the oven. It turned out an incredibly delicious treat, which in the same year won a medal at the exhibition of gardening.

Calories in foods - useful and natural goodies

calories in products table
Now everyone can choose what to eat: confectionery products that are made in food production, or goodies cooked at home. In this case, you can count calories in foods. The calorie table will help to calculate the energy value of the product, thanks to it you can choose only health-giving sweets.

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