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Pastilla from apples - a tasty and useful treat

In our time, when everyone's favorite sweetsoften made of low-quality or non-natural products, more and more popular are getting delicacies cooked with their own hands. To products, which are both useful and tasty, refers to the pastille of apples.

It is believed that the most delicious treat is obtained from sweet and sour varieties of apples. For its preparation, one must choose mature, non-crooked, non-rotten and disease-free fruits.

How to cook a pastilla at home? To prepare it from carefully washed apples, remove the core and any signs of spoilage (if they do exist). In a cast-iron pan or a pot with a thick bottom, pour water so that it covers the bottom by 1 cm. During cooking, moisture will be released from the apples, which will not allow the apple mass to burn. Apple pastille is never cooked in enameled dishes, because in it it burns constantly. Prepared apples are placed in a saucepan and put it on medium heat. Apples are cooked under the closed lid until they are completely softened. Solid apples or not quite mature ones are cooked up to 2 hours. Mature and soft fruits are prepared for 40-60 minutes. When cooking, apples do not interfere.

Fully cooked fruits are greatly reduced in volume, so when pawning in a pan, you can pour them "with a slide." In the future they will be respected.

Completely cooled apples filtered. The juice obtained from them can be drunk by diluting it with water. The remaining apple mass is wiped through a sieve with small cells. The resulting apple puree is the basis for the pastille.

Apple pastille requires some skill incooking time. On a wide board attached food film, paper for baking or oilcloth, on which evenly distributed apple sauce is distributed. The thickness of the layer should not exceed 7 mm. The ideal layer is 4-5 mm. Too thin layer, although it increases the area of ​​the pastille, will further lead to its rupture.

On paper, pastry from apples dries muchfaster than on film. The board with mashed potatoes is located in the fresh air under the sun. The sunny, hot days are considered ideal for drying pastilles, but it dries quite quickly in cloudy, windy weather. The main condition for drying is the absence of rain. On sunny days the pastille dries up for 1 day, and in case of cloudy weather - 3-4 days. For the night, the paste should be taken under cover or in the house so that it does not damp. Ready-made pastila after pressing the finger should be dry and elastic. The edges of the pastille dry faster than the middle. After the apple paste has dried sufficiently, it is separated from the paper or film and turned over, allowing it to dry for 2-4 hours to the back side.

Unlike a smooth pastille, dried on film or oilcloth, dried on paper, the pastille has a slightly wrinkled and crumpled surface.

Preserved pastille from apples at room temperaturetemperature. For long-term storage, it is desirable to wrap it in food paper. For convenience of use, the pastille is cut into small pieces of any shape that are wrapped in paper individually.

Pastilla from apples with sugar is prepared and from acidicapples. For cooking 1 kg of fruit, you need to take 2-3 tbsp. l. water, 100 g of sugar. Washed apples are cleaned from the core and cut into slices. In a pan with a thick bottom pour a little water and add apple slices. Under the lid, they are cooked until softened.

Apples filter, draining juice from them. The cooled mass with sugar is wiped through a sieve. On the baking sheet lay baking paper, on which the puree layer is evenly distributed. The pastille is dried in an open oven at 100 ° C. Ready-made pastille has a pleasant reddish hue and stretches slightly. The rolled up pastilla is cut into small pieces.

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