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A recipe for pastilles from apples: we cook delicious treats at home

Home-made sweet foods love absolutelyall without exception. It is not only delicious treats, but also useful. You absolutely know exactly what and in what quantity put in dessert. No preservatives, coloring agents and

The recipe for the pastille
base products. What could be better?

Home-made pastilles are loved not only by children, but also byand all adults. Such sweetness can be fully prepared not only for the next 1-2 days. The recipe for pastilles from apples provides for even a long storage without any damage to the taste of the dish. At the same time, such a dessert is prepared quickly and easily with a minimal set of components.

Fruit pastilles, the recipe of which will be describedbelow, is very different from what is sold in stores and supermarkets. But this is for the best. This dessert will be low-calorie. Therefore, homemade pastilles can be eaten even by those who constantly monitor their weight. In addition, this delicacy is topical in the post.

So, let's take a look at the recipe for a pastille at homecooking. You will need about 800 grams of sugar, 1 glass of pure water and, of course, the main ingredient - apples. They need to take 1 kilogram.

A recipe for pastilles from apples

Fruits should be thoroughly washed, cut into2 halves and take them out with a sharp knife mid-point. Rigid interlayers and seeds in our pastel is clearly useless. If you have enough free time, then you can proceed as follows. Prepared apples are placed in the oven, preheated to 100 degrees, for about 1 hour. However, this recipe for pastilles also provides an option for those who are in a hurry to prepare this wonderful dessert. You can simply increase the temperature of the oven or cook the fruit in a saucepan over low heat. In the second case, be sure to stir the apples, otherwise they will burn.

Once the fruit is softened, it is necessarywipe them through a sieve to get a homogeneous gentle mashed potatoes. Do not forget to cool the apples before too, so that they are not too hot. Then add sugar. This Recipe

Pastila fruit recipe
pastille from apples will still get dietary,even if such a high-calorie component is used. So do not be afraid to make the product too sweet. Fruit puree again put on fire. It must be boiled with constant stirring until the apples darken. To make the pasta softer it should be immediately put on a greased baking sheet. Do not forget about a layer of special baking paper. This recipe of pastille specifies that the future dessert should be laid out evenly, and not in separate portions.

Bake a delicacy in the oven for about an hour. The temperature can be set no more than 50-60 degrees. Cooking with the door slightly opened. Once the pastille starts to easily detach from the paper, it can be removed. If the layer is thick, then it takes a bit more time to bake. To dry the bottom of the pastille, it can be cut into small pieces and turned over for further cooking. All excess liquid must evaporate.

As soon as it happened, we take out the pastille and cut it into pieces. So that they do not stick together, they can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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