/ Apple jam with lemon - the best recipe for cooking

Jam from apples with lemon is the best recipe for cooking

Jam is a dish known from Old Russiantimes. At all stages of its existence, it had the same meaning: a delicious treat obtained after heat treatment. Today it is popular in different countries: for example, in France it is called "confiture", in England - "jam", and in Asian countries - "cue".

apple jam with lemon
Recipes for the preparation of a sweet productThere are many, and the main difference lies in the components used. As a rule, it is a variety of fruits, although berries and even vegetables with neutral taste (zucchini) can be used.

Jam from apples with lemon is an amazing combination that gives us a wonderful start to every day, as eating it in the morning for breakfast, you charge yourself with energy for several hours ahead.

The end of summer is always marked by a significantharvesting, which we all try to turn into stocks for the winter. The most popular way of preserving vegetables and fruits is conservation. Of course, when it comes to sweet billets, the first thing that comes to mind is jam - the favorite delicacy of childhood! Indeed, in Soviet times there was not such an abundance of sweets on store shelves, so our mothers diligently dipped into three-liter cans of processed fruit with sugar.

quick jam from apples
Jam from apples with lemon perfectly copeswith the role of an independent dish. However, it can be successfully added to homemade cakes as a filling, stuffed with pancakes, or refilled for breakfast. Such universality has to prepare billets from these products, because in the winter cold sometimes you want diversity! Jam from apples with lemon has a unique taste, which has a gentle shade of one component and a bright sourness of the second - a real culinary extravaganza!

In order to make this confectionery masterpiece,take 2 kg of apples and sugar, 3 lemons, half a liter of water, 1/2 tsp. Vanillin and 5 grams of cinnamon. Wash and peel the fruit, squeeze out the juice from the citrus, and grate it on a fine grater. Pour into a large pan of water, add sugar to it and cook the syrup. Then cut the peeled apples in small and even pieces and transfer them to the resulting solution, then cook for about half an hour. Next, pour lemon juice into the almost prepared dish, pour in the fragrant spices and grated zest, hold on the plate for 5 more minutes. At this stage, the dish should be covered with a lid. A ready jam of apples with lemon is spread over sterile cans and is mixed for the winter.

cooking jam from apples
In a distant childhood we could see how easy andjust our grandmothers cope with a huge crop in late summer. In fact, the whole secret lies in the knowledge of special recipes that significantly save time. For example, a quick jam from apples, or else it is called "Five-Minute". The fruit is rubbed on a large grater, pour with sugar in equal proportions and leave for two hours. Then add cinnamon, crushed nut or other component to the mixture and cook for five minutes and cap it in the usual way. That's all!

Preparation of jam from apples takes not so much time, as it may seem. However, having shown a little imagination, you can get a result that surpasses itself!

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