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Sponge cake in a multivariate: a recipe for making a cake base

Biscuit in multivark, the recipe of which will bepresented in this article, always turns out lush, delicate and incredibly tasty. It is worth noting that it takes neither time nor hard-to-reach ingredients to prepare it. That is why such a dessert is especially popular among those who have already purchased this kitchen device.

Preparation of biscuit in multivarquet: necessary products for dough

biscuit in multivariate recipe

  • eggs of medium chicken - six pieces;
  • sugar - two hundred and fifty grams;
  • citric acid - half a small spoon;
  • wheat flour - two hundred grams;
  • baking soda with apple cider vinegar - half a small spoon;
  • potato starch - fifty grams;
  • sugar vanilla - a full dessert spoon;
  • breadcrumbs, or better semolina - two cams (for sprinkling the mold);
  • Butter - twenty grams (to cover the form).

Sponge cake in a multivarquet: a recipe for cooking a dough

Six medium-sized chicken eggs should beA bowl, while always separating the proteins from the yolks. Proteins must be beaten before the formation of an air cap. Previously, they need to add citric acid and half a cup of granulated sugar. The remaining loose sweet product must be poured into the yolks with vanillin, potato starch and wheat flour. All the products should be thoroughly mixed with a spoon, and then put out a small amount of baking soda in apple cider vinegar. After this, to a thick mass, you need to lay out the whipped proteins and mix everything well.

cooking biscuit in a multivark

Sponge cake in a multivariate: recipe for dessert

Before you bake a biscuit in the kitchendevice, its bowl is recommended to be generously smeared with butter, and then abundantly sprinkle with semolina or breadcrumbs. Then, in the multivark, completely pour out all the kneaded dough and close the lid tightly.

Biscuit in multivarquet: recipe for preparation of classic cake cake

After the whole base is in the bowlmultivark, it is required to put it in baking mode and set the timer exactly for sixty minutes. After one hour, the sweet and delicate biscuit will be completely ready. The cake should be removed from the dishes and put on a cutting board, on which you must first place the culinary paper. After waiting for the complete cooling of the dessert, it can be safely used for its intended purpose.

biscuit classic in the multivark

Classic biscuit in a multivarquet for making a classic cake

Ready to splendid biscuit is recommended to cutalong half-and-half, to impregnate with sweet syrup, and then to grease creamy cream. For its preparation, you can use a jar of condensed milk and one small packet of butter. After the formation of a biscuit cake, you should immediately begin to decorate it. Dessert should be completely coated with the same sweet condensed cream, and then sprinkle with chocolate crumbs or grated dry biscuits or pour glaze from cocoa powder.

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