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The recipe for biscuit in the multivarquet is classic and modern

Recipe biscuit in the multivarquet guarantees a soft,light and luxuriant product. A finished biscuit is a universal porous billet that has a delicate texture. The billet can be used as a basis for a wide variety of confectionery products. Biscuits make cakes, cakes, cookies, pies.

The recipe for biscuit in the multivariate
What is a photovoltaic? This is an opportunity to quickly and efficiently, without spending too much effort, to prepare a biscuit. A homemade pie of this type will be a perfect alternative to any cake without problems. Despite the fact that the biscuit is prepared quickly, on the table he always gets the most honorable place, regardless of the level of the event. Sweet biscuit cake, which is prepared from dough, based on eggs, flour and sugar, brings great pleasure. It can not be compared with other types of dough. Biscuit can be attributed to the unique gentle-air creations of confectioners.

What is a photovoltaic?
In the concept of "good cuisine" the multivariate startedInclude in recent years, when such a technique has become widespread. With its help, both basic and sweet dishes are created without problems. You can bake in it and biscuit cakes. For inventive housewives, there are many additions. Use cream, icing, whipped cream, fruits, nuts, berries, jam, chocolate, condensed milk, sour cream. For the design of a biscuit cake you can use a variety of decorative elements. With the help of such a product, you can not only stimulate your appetite, but also raise your spirits. Despite the fact that the recipe for biscuit in a multivarque always has the same ingredients, due to the combination and individual design each master gets his own masterpiece.

Good kitchen
In the classic biscuit test there is nothing butflour, eggs and sugar. In order to add flavor and consistency to the product, only chilled eggs should be used. The flour in the biscuit recipe in the multivark is better to take a quality and made from higher grades of grain. Before starting to start the dough, the flour must be sifted. Best of all, at least three times. With this simple but important procedure, it will be possible to saturate it with oxygen, and biscuit as a result will have a higher shape and a gentle lush structure.

Recipe biscuit in the multivark with apples allows you to make a classic Charlotte without problems. By the way, do not get hung up on apples, you can always diversify the pie with pineapple or raisins.

For the recipe will need 50 gr. butter, by no means margarine, about a glass of flour, a glass of sugar, 4 eggs, three small apples, vanillin and powdered sugar.

In a magnificent mass we connect 3 eggs, vanillin and sugar,with constant stirring, pour in the flour. It is important that the dough retains its fluidity. After the addition of flour, one more egg is added, and the mass is beaten with a mixer. Apples should be peeled and cut and cut into small pieces. The mold should be smeared with a piece of butter and put on the apples on the bottom, pour over the resulting dough on top and put in the oven for 35-40 minutes.

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