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Interested in Pancho Cake Recipe? You are welcome!

Cake Pancho today is frankly fashionable. Those who know the recipe for Pancho cake can become the focus of any conversation if there are at least a few sweethearts among those who are going to have a chat. This stunningly beautiful and delicious dessert can be bought in a supermarket, and you can quite successfully cook at home. However, who will argue with the statement that homemade cakes always get much tastier store?

Cake recipe Pancho with pineapple and walnuts

Biscuit with fruit - in itself amazingcombination. It would seem, what else is needed? Not so much and everything is needed, but it is definitely possible to improve this combination. Perfectly perfect option is Pancho cake. He is terrificly juicy, light, and the recipe for Pancho cake, to the delight of sweet tooths, moderately simple. Do not argue, there are, of course, and much more refined options. For example, Sacher, Drunk Cherry or Napoleon, but you have to spend a lot longer with them. Cake Pancho - is the golden mean between the great taste and incredible effort on the kitchen space. How to make a pancake cake?

Ingredients for cake:

For the test:

sugar - 1.5 cups;

eggs - 6 pieces;

flour - 1,5 glasses;

baking powder -1.5 teaspoons;

cocoa - 4 tablespoons.

For cream:

canned pineapples - 1 can;

fatty sour cream - 800 grams;

walnuts - 150 grams;

powdered sugar -1.5 cups.

For impregnation:

pineapple syrup - 0,5 glasses;

vodka - 1 tablespoon.

For glaze:

dark chocolate - 80 grams;

milk -2 tablespoons;

Softened butter - 2 tablespoons.

The cakes for the cake will be biscuit. For their preparation you need to beat the eggs with sugar. Combine flour with a baking powder, sift everything and gradually add to the egg mass, mix everything. The third part of the resulting test should be poured into a mold, oiled, and baked for 13-15 minutes at an oven temperature of 180 degrees. Will notice to get the cake from the mold and cool it.

In the dough that is left, add the cocoa and stir well. Pour it into a mold and bake in the oven for about 35 minutes.

Cream for the cake is prepared as follows. Stir in sour cream with powdered sugar. A quarter of sour cream is set aside. To the rest - add pineapples and large chopped walnuts. Everything is mixed.

To make impregnation, you need to mix pineapple syrup with vodka.

Now all the ingredients for picking the cake are ready. A light biscuit is laid out on a dish and soaked with pineapple syrup. Sponge cake with cocoa should be cut into small squares, sprinkle them lightly with impregnation, then mix with pineapple and cream sauce. Lay the slices on the biscuit, already laid on the dish, and form a sink or a round cone from them. Top with cake of sour cream.

It remains to prepare the icing. For her, chocolate is melted in a water bath, it is added with butter and a little warm milk, everything mixes well. The decoration of the cake with glaze is done in this way: by chocolate glaze it is necessary to remove the stripes from top to bottom along the surface of the cake, not particularly caring about the evenness of the lines. Let the drawing be abstract and slightly careless. It turns out very nice and also appetizing.

To impregnate the cake should be placed in the refrigeratoreven for 6 hours, you can and more. This is a prerequisite. Do not rush and try to cut a freshly made cake - spoil its appearance and you will not be able to taste the taste in the right way.

Only after impregnation in the refrigerator pancho with pineapple is fully ready! Juicy, sweet, superbly soaked, with a chocolate and sour taste, this cake will not remain without fans.

Recipe for Pancho cake is not only useful ineconomy, but will also trump her friends. Although it is not necessary to hide his secret. It is better for them to share with all friends, and then go to them for a visit to a ready meal!

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