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Honey biscuit recipe: tasty and fast

The recipe for honey biscuit is good for making all kinds of cakes and pastries. It should be noted that with proper kneading of the base, this cake turns out to be very lush and tasty.

honey biscuit recipe

Biscuit honey: recipe with a photo of the finished dessert

Required components:

  • eggs large chicken - 4-5 pieces;
  • sand sugar - a full glass;
  • floral or any other honey - 6 large spoons;
  • soda canteen - dessert spoon;
  • sunflower oil - for lubricating dishes;
  • apple vinegar to quench soda - dessert spoon;
  • white flour sifted - 2.2 cups.

Preparation of the basis

The recipe for honey biscuit includes onlysimple and affordable products. Having conceived to bake such a fragrant cake, you should mix the dough well. To do this, you need to put the flower honey in a bowl and heat it on the fire to make it as liquid as possible. Next to the sweet melted component, you must pour in the sugar and completely dissolve it. After the ingredients have cooled slightly, they should be laid out with whipped egg chicken, slaked table baking soda and white sifted flour. As a result of mixing all products, you should form a viscous and semi-liquid base.

biscuit honey recipe with photo

Forming a dish

The recipe for honey biscuit recommends usingfor baking such a pie a special shape with split sides. It should be slightly heated on fire, and then oiled. This procedure will prevent further caking of the cake to the bottom of the dishes. Next, the dough, which was previously mixed, must be completely poured into a hot form.

Baking cake

After the honey base is placed in thedetachable dishes, it should be placed in a preheated oven to 185 degrees. This dish is baked for about 65 minutes. But before you get a dessert from the oven, it must be punctured with a match or toothpick. If the substrate does not stick to the wooden object, then it can be safely removed from the mold.

It should be noted that such a pie can be bakednot only with the help of an oven. After all, a honey biscuit in a multivarque is just as good. In this case, the bowl of the kitchen unit must also be lubricated with sunflower oil, and then put it into baking mode for the same amount of time (for 1 hour).

honey biscuit in multivark

The final stage in the preparation of dessert

After the honey biscuit is fullyready, it must be removed from the dishes with the help of a spatula, and then placed on a cutting board and cooled. If the recipe for honey biscuit was used to create a delicious and lush festive cake, then the cooled pie must be cut in half along, so that you eventually get two (maybe three) thin cakes. They should be well lubricated with cream, and sprinkled with beautiful pastry decorations from above.

How to serve honey dessert to the table correctly

Honey biscuit cake or pieshould be served to the table in a cooled state together with strong and hot tea (coffee, cocoa). With this dessert you can indulge not only your family, but also invited guests at any celebration.

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