/ Recipe for chocolate biscuit and its variations.

Recipe for chocolate biscuit and its variations.

Most often, culinary talent is manifested inpreparing dessert dishes from flour. Red hut pies ... As the hostess knows how to make a pie or cake, cookies or cakes, so is determined by her hospitality. After all, if she cooked the dish with love, poked over him, put a piece of his soul - then it can not be tasty and beautiful. One of the secrets of culinary art is in the recipe of a favorite biscuit. We will try to solve it.

Biscuit is a special kind of sweet desserttest, mixed with whipped eggs. It is light, airy, delicate. Biscuit itself is a separate dish. But on its basis, you can prepare and other delicacies, for example, biscuit biscuits or biscuit cake. From the fancy of the cook depends on what kind of biscuit it will be, what delicious additives it will be diversified. The recipe for a chocolate biscuit is one of the variants of such creativity. It is clear that chocolate will be added to the biscuit dough. How is the biscuit dough prepared?

For its preparation, the followingproducts: eggs (4 pieces), sugar (1 glass), sour cream (1 glass), butter (250 g), flour (one and a half cups), cocoa powder (half cup), soda (1 teaspoon), salt (half- spoons of tea).

And now - a biscuit recipe in a hurry. The oil softens in a warm place. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat separately yolks and separate proteins until the foam. Soft butter is also beaten with sugar. This should be done until the oil turns white and the sugar dissolves. Then pour the beaten eggs into the beaten egg, stirring continuously. We put sour cream there and continue to whisk actively. In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients of the dough: flour, cocoa powder, soda and salt. Preparation of the test, the recipe for chocolate biscuit is completed by combining the dry flour mixture with the oil-sour cream.

Ready dough should be put in a mold, greasedbutter, and place in a well-heated oven in advance. Bake should be done until about forty minutes. Check the readiness can be a wooden stick: it must pierce the biscuit in the center, if the stick remained dry - the biscuit is ready. So it can be served to tea. And you can cut horizontally into two or three layers, cover each layer with a cream prepared according to the recipe you know, put them back together, decorate them with fruits, for example. Get a nice and very tasty biscuit chocolate cake.

The described recipe for chocolate biscuit gives a dry and light product.

But some like baking dough wet,cooked using water. This is the so-called biscuit "chocolate on boiling water." The technology of making the test is the same as for a conventional biscuit. But in it instead of sour cream is poured milk and a glass of boiling water. From this, the dough becomes quite liquid. It is poured into a greased form and baked until cooked in a preheated oven (the optimum temperature is 180 degrees). When baking, the dough rises and its volume increases approximately twice. This must be taken into account when choosing the form, its depth.

To decorate the biscuit, prepare the coconut cream. One can of condensed milk, two egg yolks, 100 g of coconut chips and two tablespoons of butter mixed and boiled over low heat until thick. Cream chill. Biscuit can be decorated with cream only from above, and you can cut pastry into two pyshki, grease each cream and combine. Get a biscuit cake, and you can cut it into individual cakes and decorate them with pieces of chocolate or sweets, fruits or berries - the creativity of the cook is unlimited.

As you can see, the recipe for a chocolate biscuit can be very diverse. But in any form it will be a wonderful decoration of the table

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