/ / Cake in the multivarquet: a recipe for cooking a delicious dessert "Prague"

Cake in the multivarquet: recipe for a delicious dessert "Prague"

Cake "Prague" in the multivark is especiallydelicious. After all, the cake for such an unusual dessert is baked under high pressure, but at low power for an entire hour. In addition, this dish is abundantly lubricated with sweet cream and drizzled with chocolate glaze.

Cake in the multivarquet: a recipe for the preparation of dessert "Prague"

Necessary ingredients for the test:

cake in a multivariate recipe

  • milk condensed - ½ standard jar;
  • chicken eggs large - 4 pcs .;
  • sand sugar - 190 g;
  • cocoa powder - 20 g;
  • sour cream 20 percent - 1 glass;
  • soda food (must be extinguished with apple cider vinegar) - incomplete dessert spoon;
  • wheat flour - 1.7 faceted glass.

Dough preparation process

Cake in the multivark, the recipe of which wewe consider, it turns out special only under condition of careful mixing of a basis. Thus, in the dishes it is required to place yolks and proteins of 4 chicken eggs separately, and then add to the first half sugar and sour cream and mix them thoroughly. After that, whisk the proteins to a thick foam and put them together with the condensed milk and cocoa powder to the sweet yolks. Next, the resulting mass is required to be mixed, put out baking soda into it and pour in 1.7 cups of flour. The dough should turn out to be liquid and viscous, like a charlotte.

cake in a multivark with a photo
Baking of the cake

Cake in the multivark, with a photo of which you canread in this article, should be cooked in baking mode for 60 minutes. To do this, the bowl of the device must be lightly oiled, and then immediately pour the entire liquid base into it. After heat treatment, the sponge cake should be removed from the pan with a spatula, moved to a flat plate and cooled at room temperature.

Necessary products for cream

  • Milk condensed - ½ standard jar.
  • Butter - 175 gr.

Cake in the multivark: recipe for sweet cream

A whole pack of butter is required to melt(do not heat it in any case), and then thoroughly with a mixer or blender. During the mixing process, the condensed milk should gradually be added to the cooking oil. As a result of such actions, an airy, creamy mass should be obtained.

Forming a cake

The cooled biscuit must be cut into thincakes (2-3 pieces), which should immediately lubricate the prepared cream. The surface of the dessert is not recommended for them, as it will be glazed with glaze.

Necessary ingredients for chocolate glaze:

  • granulated sugar - ½ cup;
  • dark chocolate - 1 tile;
  • cocoa powder - 2 large spoons;
  • butter - 45 gr;
  • fresh milk - 25 ml.

cake prague in the multivark
Cake in the multivarquet: recipe for glaze making

The chocolate bar should be divided into segments, andthen put in metal utensils along with granulated sugar, cocoa powder, butter and milk. Regularly stirring all the ingredients, they need to be slightly warmed (until the chocolate melts), and then pour the resulting glaze over the entire surface of the upper cake of the Prague cake. As a result, you should get a tall and beautiful dessert, which must be placed in the refrigerator for 3-5 hours.

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