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The breed of alabai dogs: the nature and characteristics of education

In our country this breed was for a long time called"Turkmen or Central Asian Shepherd". Alabai - this is how the Turkmen and Tajik shepherds themselves called the dog. Brought the breed a few thousand years ago, and it reached us almost in its original form. The terracotta figurine, found in Altyn-Tepe, a settlement of the Bronze Age in the territory of modern Turkmenistan, depicts Alabai, and the animal bones found dating to about II millennium BC, testify that even then people were able to stop the representatives of this breed with tails and ears.

Central Asian Shepherd Alabai

It is believed that Alabai - a large dog, witha shortened muzzle and powerful jaws-originated from Tibetan mastiffs, and those in turn are descendants of black Tibetan wolves. The name "sheep-dog" is somewhat incorrect, because in China, India, Persia, Central Asia, the breed was used not to move sheep from pasture to pasture, but to protect the herds from attacks by large predators and armed robbers. Therefore, the Alabayev strong instinct to protect the territory, home, property. They are often used as a vigilant watchman, although in China they served in the army and to hunt people, and Alexander of Macedon brought them from Persia to persecute large animals.

Alabai character has a complex, requiringcorrect training. To protect the house it is better to have a couple of animals - a male and a female. Ladies are more distrustful, cautious and prefer to bark a threat at a distance, whereas a strong sex is often reckless and more aggressive. But the girls are mobile, obedient, better perform commands, but they are cunning, and they often get their way. If you decide to get a dog, you need to immediately prove to him that the owner in the house is you, otherwise incidents can not be avoided. But with the correct training and correct behavior with you, there will always be a loyal and obedient assistant, a faithful companion and a favorite member of the family.

Alabay dog

Bitch-alabai, whose character is more flexible,requires affection and an obvious manifestation of care. If the owner simply uses it instead of signaling, do not communicate with her, the dog will wither away with anguish. But in the diet representatives of this breed are unpretentious, have an excellent appetite, and this should be taken into account if you want to keep the dog in good physical shape.

For the protection of the territory should not startseveral males of the Alabai breed. Their character is such that soon there will inevitably begin clashes for the right of leadership, which risk not end with "first blood". At two bitches such duels will have a smoothed character. Best protection is carried by different-sex animals. The bitch first perceives danger and spurs a more phlegmatic dog to action. In addition, the representatives of this breed is very strong sexual instinct. The owner of a bitch needs to tie her at least three times, and in order to keep in the yard a male dog sniffing a bitch, you need a three-meter fence, or even better, a chain.

Alabai character

You can start Alabayev and as companions. However, in order for the dog's behavior to be social on the streets of the city, a thorough training course should be conducted. Alabai, whose character has been cultivated for centuries as unfriendly and even aggressive towards strangers and alien animals, must understand the distance from which a simple passer-by can become a threat to the master. The dog school will teach your pupil a tolerant attitude towards other animals. After all, Alabai by nature are very intelligent, balanced and sensitive. To the lack of character can be considered excessive resentment: it is not necessary to scold them at the slightest occasion.

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