/ The most evil breeds of dogs. Rating

The most evil breeds of dogs. Rating

Scientists of the University of PennsylvaniaAn experiment was made to identify the most evil breeds of dogs. In the course of it, about six thousand different breeds were studied. After long-term and thorough research, scientists made a verdict that surprised many dog ​​lovers. After all, for every dog ​​breeder pet is the most loyal, loving and kind friend.

All breeds of dogs. Photo of representatives of evil breeds

Each dog, however, like any person,has its own characteristics, its preferences, habits and, of course, absolutely individual traits. Much depends on the correct education of the pet. However, the general characteristics for each breed of dogs still exist.

The rating "The most evil breeds of dogs" openspretty dachshund. Dogs of this breed have always been considered proud and narcissistic. They are very stubborn and always achieve what they want. Dachshunds are hunters by nature, they are small, but fearless, but still pretty clever and clever. Studies have shown that almost every member of this breed rushes at the passerby, tries to bite him, while barking loudly. In addition to people, dachshunds with hatred bark and all dogs that meet on their way, sometimes surpassing them in size. But the most surprising thing is that every 12th representative of this breed shows great aggression even to its owner.

the most evil breeds of dogs

Continues the rating "The most evil breeds of dogs", asnor strange, chihuahua. Small, but pretty daring dogs of this breed, as a rule, are devoid of fear. Shorthair representatives are rather capricious and try to subordinate their master to their will. According to scientists, these are rather vicious and aggressive creatures.

popular breeds of dogs

Finally, the third position in the rating "The most evildog breeds "were taken by terriers, they know how to be angry for real, so watch the game of children with terriers carefully, this breed is a guardian dog, they do not feel fear and zealously guard their space for which they are ready even to literally break anyone.

all breeds of dogs photos

Scientists agreed that small dogs are more prone to aggression than large breeds. But people say the same about people: "Big, then good."

The most popular breeds of dogs

Popularity rating in Russia is headed byjack russell terriers. After watching the movie "Mask", the Russians appreciated these small and cheerful four-legged ones. But dobermanns are loved not only in our country, they are preferred in Europe. These aggressive dogs have won their popularity by unlimited devotion and watchful qualities.

Loving in Russia and Rottweilers, the so-calleddogs-butchers. The name of the breed was given in honor of the city, which was considered the center of livestock trade. Pugs are no less popular. They were loved by grandees and ladies in the XIX century. Pug was even put a monument to the Duke Alexander von Württemberg after the death of his pet, so that future generations remembered all the good qualities of the representatives of this breed.

In our time, the popularity of dogs is constantly growing"pocket" rocks. The leader in this category was the Yorkshire Terrier. This breed was bred in the XIX century. The cost of a dog for today reaches 1500 dollars.

all breeds of dogs photos

Today the smallest dogs are also popular, owhich have already been mentioned above - the Chihuahua. They are smart, mobile and very intelligent. The Aztecs considered these dogs to be sacred animals. Russians are loved by labradors. After all, they can even be trusted with their child. The dog is reliable, obedient and very kind.

In its own way, any breed of dogs is good, the main thing is that your pet should be loved, then he will gladly give you loyalty and attention.

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