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Alabai: characteristics of the breed

The breed name of these dogs came from Englishlanguage, but not widely spread among dog breeders. In our country Alabayev has long been called the Central Asian Shepherd. Their closest relatives are Mongolian sheep-dogs and Tibetan mastiffs, which is the reason for the appearance of these dogs.

alabai characterization of the breed
For four thousand years in the territory fromCaspian Sea and to China, from the Southern Urals and to Afghanistan the Alabai breed was formed. Characteristics of the breed is very interesting, because it is the result of a long "national selection". It can be said with accuracy that the historical roots of the breed penetrate deep into the centuries to the ancient dogs of Tibet, the powerful and fearless fighting dogs of Mesopotamia, and also to the best shepherd dogs of various tribes of nomads.

Can not boast of an easy life Alabai. Characteristics of the breed reflects many facts that prove this. Being a shepherd dog, he fought predators. In such battles stood only the strongest individuals. It was a hard natural selection. It was fierce fights and contributed to the formation of such an appearance of the dog. Such a long experience of struggle had an influence on the nature of these dogs.

Turkmen Alabai
Many experienced breeders note that this is veryproud dogs. By the right can be proud of yourself Alabai. Characteristics of the breed includes such advantages as a powerful body, an impenetrable skin, a strong nervous system, the ability to protect a person. And all these were acquired over the millennia of the natural formation of the breed of quality.

Alabai breed

It is believed that the most ancient Alabai lived onterritory of Turkmenistan, and from there spread from all over the world. On this territory, they live relatively isolated, due to their geographical location, and practically do not mix with other breeds. It is the breed "Turkmen Alabai" that is considered to be the cleanest. From ancient times to the present time Alabai is called a friend of Turkmens. In settlements they are used to perform guard duties. Great benefit is brought by the Alabai on pastures. They help to graze cattle and guard the shepherds and herds from predators. Naturally, the Turkmen Alabai has its own peculiarities. Characteristics of the breed, in addition to basic qualities, includes increased endurance, easy tolerance of changing weather conditions and unpretentious eating habits. The most vivid and very useful quality in the conditions of Turkmenistan is the ability of this dog to protect its host from snakes. With a deft movement, Alabai grabs a snake and powerful jaws that breaks her spine.

The security qualities of Alabai are recognized today as the bestand are the most in demand. However, experienced cynologists say that not every dog ​​has such qualities. They are congenital, are transmitted genetically and are called workers. To assess the presence or degree of formation of these qualities of the dog, special test tests of the zootechnical nature are carried out. Another Alabai breed is characterized by unlimited devotion. If necessary, these dogs will follow to the end of the world for their master, and if the situation requires, they will give their lives.

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