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The most beautiful breed of dogs - TOP-3

The dog is the most faithful and devoted creature,that is why it is proudly called the friend of man. She can brighten up loneliness, provide support in difficult times. And how they look with their deep and intelligent eyes ... Salvation, protection, assistance to disabled people - all these dogs can, know how and do. Without making any ratings, it is known that this is one of the most common pets living near a person.

the most beautiful breed of dogs
However, the ratings of canine beauty are formedsufficiently regularly. After studying a few dozen of them, you can identify the top three breeds-leaders in the world of canine beauty. It unconditionally includes a golden retriever, Siberian husky and a German shepherd. Why did each of them deserve the right to be called "the most beautiful breed of dogs"? Let's try to figure it out, although it's difficult, because all pets are adorable.

The Golden Retriever - it's been for centuriesthe most beautiful breed of dogs for monarchs, presidents and other rulers of all ranks. Noble nobles value a noble shade of wool and boundless kindness. The richness and beauty of their long and often wavy coat retrievers show in an even pace - their favorite manner of movement. The power of these far-away big dogs is spoken by a broad, powerful chest.

the best breed of dogs
This is the best breed of dogs for the blind (inas a guide), for hunters (as a companion) and for guards (in the case of drug discovery). So, this pet is not only beautiful, but also very useful to people.

Siberian Husky is the most beautiful breed of dogsaccording to the visitors of dog beauty competitions, since recently she participates more often in exhibitions and shows. Initially, immediately after breeding the breed, these were sled dogs due to their lightness, swiftness and strength. Thick, soft and pleasant to the touch, the coat makes the Husk look like a favorite plush toy. Naturally, no one is left indifferent by the transparent sky-blue eyes. In combination with the black and white color of the muzzle, it looks very impressive and a bit weird. Husks are very hardy, and therefore they are often used for shepherd's and hunting purposes. They always accompany a person in polar expeditions, because they easily endure extreme frosts and can sleep on the snow.

The German Shepherd is not only the most beautifula breed of dogs, but also the most popular in the world. Every year in Germany their world exhibition is held. It is difficult to list all the virtues of German shepherds: there are so many of them.

beautiful breeds of dogs
First, animals are exceptionally intelligent and arerecognized leaders in training; secondly, they are favorites in various competitions. Thirdly, they are unlimitedly faithful and devoted; Fourth, they are very useful to people, since they are good service, guard and shepherd dogs. They differ from others in strength and determination.

So, the golden retriever, the Siberian husky andGerman shepherd - beautiful breeds of dogs. They, in addition to exceptional external characteristics, also have a number of very valuable qualities and will certainly become true friends and helpers to their masters.

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