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Popular Protective Dog Breeds

If you own a private house, thenyou will definitely need a dog to guard your home. However, guard breeds of dogs can be of interest to owners of apartments and country houses. It is important from the variety of dogs to choose the only one that will suit only you, will not only be a reliable defender, but also a true friend for you and your family.

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It is necessary to understand well that protective rocksdogs are not toys. These are serious animals capable not only of protecting, but also of improper upbringing, harming the owner himself and his people.

Having made a choice in favor of this or that breed, to youit is necessary to carefully study its history, habits, the nature of the future pet. You need to know how to behave with the pet, what he likes, and what can cause an attack of seemingly unjustified aggression.

Today we want to introduce to you some of the most common dog breeds in Russia. With photographs of these handsome men, you can get acquainted here.

Naturally, the guard breeds of dogs are impossibleimagine without a beloved many German Shepherd. This suit is not subject to fashion trends, it will never yield to popularity leadership. Her dignity is undeniable - the dogs are very smart, they are trained from the first days of life. Sheepdog (if such an expression in this case is appropriate) catches every word of its master, knowing perfectly well what they want from it, for which they blame. Strength, speed, magnificent guarding instincts, devotion to his master - all these qualities are inherent in this breed. It will be a wonderful choice for a beginner dog breeder.

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The guard breeds of dogs today are inconceivable withoutRottweiler. This is a magnificent breed that perfectly does its "dog work" not only in private possessions, but also in the public service. It's a hard worker, devotedly devoted to his master. However, one must know that it is more difficult to raise a rottweiler puppy than a sheep dog. These are dogs "with character". They always choose one member of the family and designate him as the "leader of the pack." To him they obey unquestioningly, carry out all his orders and at the same time love him immensely. They, without hesitation, will give their lives for him. The rest of the family are friendly, but they will never allow you to do what the "leader" is allowed.

Considering the guard breeds of dogs, about 30%owners recommend to make their choice in favor of the Moscow watchdog. Power and strength impress people in large cities. One glance at this giant is enough, and the attacker will lose all desire to harm you. It is necessary to know that this dog needs a strong upbringing - only in this case it will become a good guard.

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Breeding dogs breed in their ranks andrepresentatives of quite exotic suits. Cane Corso is a fairly rare breed in Russia. People start this dog, believing that she loves children, but we can argue that with proper education, a dog with normal genes of any breed will be good to children. Corsos grow up for a long time, their behavior remains "puppy" for a long time, but they are very smart, they give in to training, but they require strict education.

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