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Turkmen wolfhound, or alabai: owner feedback

The severe Asian steppes created a dog withpatient nature, a hardy body and a piercing look. Alabai is similar in origin to the Caucasian sheepdog. For all the time of its existence, dogs of this breed have undergone natural selection. Complex survival conditions formed a fearless and intelligent animal named Alabai.

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Reviews about care

Turkmen wolfhounds are quite unpretentious infood. The main requirement is large amounts of food. The puppy needs to make a serious leap from the mark of 2-3 kg to 60 kg. This is a significant load on the limbs. To prevent the occurrence of rickets, you should pay more attention to the ration of the animal. For proper growth, it is necessary to give him cottage cheese, vegetables, eggs, kefir. Many owners claim that these dogs simply adore carrots in their raw form.

Walking with a puppy Alabai will often, but try to avoid long hikes. When the dog grows up, you can increase distances, as the pet is necessary for maintaining health.

Alabai: reviews about puppies

If you choose a male, then you have to firstThe same days show the pet who is the master of the house. Puppy, no doubt, will recognize you as a leader, but already at the age of 9 months will begin to check the owner "for strength." To further your dog was obedient and loyal, you need to be able to keep the position of the leader.

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Alabay: reviews about the training

There is a misconception that thethe dog can not be trained. Meanwhile, the statement is completely wrong: this giant can be trained, but you need to do this only taking into account the nature of the nature of Alabai. In fact, the Turkmen wolfhound is able to execute commands, but it makes it a bit reluctant. If you do not plan to carry a pet through exhibitions, then you should not seek from him the unconditional execution of all teams.

The breed of Alabai dogs. Behavior reviews

In relation to children and other animals alabaibehaves very friendly. A mentally healthy animal will never touch the members of its "pack" - neither children, nor cats, nor other dogs. Alabai-teenager likes to measure strength with other dogs. But this process, he probably takes as a fun game, and not as an aggressive fight.

Alabai: reviews about attempts on people

The Turkmen wolfhound is often considered a dangerous dog. Alabai attacks on people do take place. But almost always in this blame for irresponsible masters, and not an animal.

In general, if you properly educate an animal and give it enough attention, then, according to the owners, there is no better dog than Alabai.

alabai breed characteristics reviews

Characteristics of the breed. Reviews of fans alabai

Despite their powerful constitution, these animalsdo not belong to fighters. Alabai is a shepherd dog, balanced, calm and unwilling to show aggression. Such a pet is much more accommodating than a Caucasian shepherd.

It is not for nothing that they say that those who at least once in their livesstarted Alabai, remain forever his devoted devotees. However, before you get such a large animal, you need to think carefully. After all, this is not a pet dog, with which there will be a minimum of hassle. It is extremely undesirable to contain alabai in an apartment. The Turkmen wolfhound loves a spacious territory, but in a cramped environment, he simply grieves.

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