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Process approach in management

The process approach in management was proposed by representatives of the administrative management school. Trying to give a clear definition of its functions, they considered them independently of each other.

From another point of view, the process approachshows the related management functions. In this case, management is seen as a system of activities, which is a continuous series of interrelated actions that help to achieve the goals. And they presented, in turn, a sequence of actions, called management functions, which together account for Process Management.

Process approach in management in generalconsists of the functions of planning, motivation, organization and control, combined through communication processes and decision-making systems. The management should be considered as an independent activity. It is endowed with the ability to influence a particular group of employees in order to work towards achieving the goal and overall success of the organization.

Process approach to management is activeUsed to achieve the quality of the work performed. The developers of the latest international quality certification standards (ISO 9000 series) emphasized that this quality can only be achieved by implementing certain activities within a specific process.

Organization for the successful operationshould determine for himself and subsequently manage interrelated activities. This happens when the enterprise uses resources, the management of which is considered as the process of forming the appropriate conversion of inputs to outputs. Often the output from one process directly is the entrance to the next.

The process approach in management hasa certain advantage, consisting in the continuity of management, which is provided to them at the border of individual stages within the framework of both one system and its combinations.

When using this approach within the management system, one can realize the importance:

- understanding of certain requirements and their compliance;

- the need to study the process from a position of value;

- Achieve positive results in the processes.

With detailed consideration regarding qualitythe process approach in management assumes detailed consideration of some actions in the framework of a continuous technological process, the end result of which is finished products. It involves a large number of employees who contribute to each product. The overall result of production depends on the contribution of all participants. In other words, if at least one participant in the technological process is allowed to make a mistake, this also affects the overall result.

In the era of a common desire to achieve a highquality there is a need for a process approach while saving high productivity. For full coverage of the main approaches to management, it is necessary to consider the basic principles of introducing approaches to the work of a modern organization.

As mentioned above, to achieve a betterthe result of activities and related resources should be considered as separate processes, integrated into the business process. Its participants are all structural units and some officials of the enterprise.

The business process involves a set ofseveral types of activities, with the help of which you get a result that has a certain value for the organization itself, and for external users (customer, consumer or customer).

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