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Consider what kinds of managerial decisions are made in management

Each of us takes during the dayseveral, or even dozens of solutions. How many such decisions are made in a lifetime is difficult to calculate. A similar situation develops in the management environment, however, unlike everyday life, such decisions require careful consideration, since they involve serious and responsible answers, and if the task is not properly addressed, not only the person responsible for the decision made, but also other employees of the enterprise or organization. That's why a successful manager is a person who is able to come up with the right and quick solutions.

In order for the decision-making process to be more successful, they were divided into several types.

Types of management decisions in management, to begin with, we list the management decisions in the form of stages or stages of their adoption.

First, it is necessary to work out a goal for the sake ofwhich is necessary to make a decision, and then to study and choose the criteria by which you can justify the effectiveness and consequences of these decisions. After this, it's time to consider all possible solutions, choose the final one from them and formulate it correctly. And after that, the very process of adoption takes place. And the subsequent bringing it to the performers.

In addition, types of management decisions inmanagement can be classified according to various characteristics. But the main criterion is the conditions under which the decision is made. Often, decisions can be made in an environment of uncertainty and risk. Such solutions represent separate types of decisions in management, and they have their own nuances, because often a decision is required to be made very quickly and the responsibility for such decisions is simply enormous. But the decisions that are made in a calm atmosphere of certainty make it possible to work out several options and then choose the best one.

In addition, types of management decisions inmanagement can be divided and by such criteria as the validity of the decision (long, medium and short-term); by the frequency of acceptance (random, one-time, recurring); on the coverage of employees (general concerning all, or narrowly focused for a certain circle of persons); on the form of preparation (group, collective or single (single-person) decisions); complexity (complex and simple); on the rigidity of regulation (algorithmic, contour, structured).

A certain interest is caused by the classificationsolutions, using decision-making models in management data by such luminaries as F. He-douri, M. Albert, MMesconom. On their models it is possible to allocate intuitive decisions, rational and organizational.

All the listed types of managerial decisions in management differ in the algorithm of the process of making such a decision, that is, what guided a person or a group of people in making a decision.

I would like to focus on organizationalsolution, since it is still subdivided into two subspecies: programmed and unprogrammed. In fact, organizational decisions are determined by the position of the head, who makes the decision. However, in the programmed solution, the number of possible solutions is limited, by some framework (job duties, etc.), respectively, that in an unprogrammed version, the solution can have many alternative options and the manager is free to choose the most suitable one.

Although in practice, such solutions do not always have a clear division into programmable and non-programmable ones. Very often, the decision-making process is interconnected with the management of the organization.

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