/ / Concept of management decisions and their partial classification

The concept of management decisions and their partial classification

The concept of management decisions impliesvolitional impact on the team, planning and organization of work aimed at achieving the company's competitiveness. This is one of the foundations of the management of an enterprise or organization, which includes order acts of targeted impact on the management object. Usually these documents are based on:

concept of management decisions

  • consideration of real data characterizing a specific situation in the workplace;
  • planning the purpose of the action;
  • program to achieve the goal.

Decision-making in the organization is one of the most important moments of the activity of its management. Correct or incorrect management can lead an enterprise to collapse or prosperity.


The concept of management decisions is ambiguous in its content. So, they can be viewed from the point of view of form. In this case, they can be:

  • Individuals, when only the highest manager has the right to vote.
  • Collective, when, before acceptingdecision, the head consults with specialists, takes into account all the proposed ideas. The adoption and implementation of solutions in this way leads to the most successful results.
  • Collective, which are adopted on the basis of a general vote. Far from all the governing resolutions can be adopted in this way.

 adoption and implementation of management decisions

If the notion of management decisions is considered from the point of view of their "step-by-step", then four levels can be distinguished:

  • Routine. Accepted by the manager in accordance with a pre-programmed action. The task of the manager: to identify the situation indicated in the program, to take one of the recommended solutions. Hence the requirements for the manager of this link: decisiveness, competence, consistency, ability to follow the program.
  • Selective. The manager chooses from the number of all possible solutions only one: the most optimal one.
  • Adaptable. They require the leader of the ability to abandon the standard schemes and adopt a new creative modern solution to the old problem. The success of such actions depends on the ability of the leader to think outside the box and creatively.
  • Innovative. The concept of management decisions of this type implies the emergence of new, previously not encountered problems and the ability of a specialist to make a technically or scientifically sound decision. To approve such conclusions, one must have a good training in the specialty, be able to use the creative ideas of other specialists.

Concept of management decisions. Stages of such management

Decision-making by management is a complex, multi-stage process. It consists of several stages.

  • Study. At this stage, the existing problem is determined, its nature is realized, an analysis of the criteria that can lead to success is carried out. After that, all the necessary information is collected and a conceptual model of the problem that needs to be solved is created.
  • Development of ideas. At this stage, the leader can work independently, but the greatest benefit will come from brainstorming or teamwork to find solutions.
  • Evaluation of ideas.
  • Immediate adoption.

decision-making in the organization
The correct adoption and implementation of management decisions is one of many components of the organization's competitiveness in the market.

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