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Leadership in management as a guarantee of successful work of the team

Probably everyone knows the historical facts, whenthe leaders led their troops and led into battle. And such armies fought an order of magnitude better and more efficiently than those who were led by military leaders lower in rank and who were not respected by ordinary soldiers.

A similar situation occurs in the business sphereand management. If the team does not have a leader who would represent the whole company of its ideas and aspirations, such a collective is doomed to vegetation in routine and routine worries in the form of a sluggish process. Therefore, when recruiting personnel, a leader who does not have the experience or the opportunity to lead a team becoming a leader in it, simply has to find a top manager of a major link who could replace him in this field.

What is leadership in management so effective andattractive for managers. To begin with, by analogy with the past example, one can once again say this: if there is a leader in your collective, the entire team will be equal to it and reach out without additional external and internal stimuli. In addition, leadership in management allows you to maximize the opportunities for teamwork to solve some urgent or important tasks.

However, there are unique styles of leadership inmanagement, we will mention only a few of them. The first and most common option is when leadership in management is built according to the scheme of the boss-subordinates. In this case, the leader is the boss, who by his example stimulates subordinates to work more efficiently. However, there is also the option when leadership in the management system looks different. For example, if there is a large organization that deals with the development and analysis of certain events. Sometimes, in order to make the work progress more successfully in such groups, special groups are created, headed by a leader. Such groups, having the same goals set before themselves, can bring you positive results, different in their technical solution. And if we add to this the spirit of rivalry, then such work is also effective. But in this case, the leaders of such groups play an important role, because they must be able to properly and efficiently distribute responsibilities, plan the conduct of all activities and organize interaction with other units that will provide the group with the necessary materials and information to carry out the task.

There are also other options in whichleadership in management is effectively applied. However, regardless of which option you choose, it should be taken into account that leadership in management is the lifebuoy that will help managers of various levels stay on the company's course, do not bury themselves in routine work, which often leads to further misunderstanding of the processes taking place around. And this significantly reduces the productivity of labor.

Using leadership in the management systemit is necessary to take into account the specifics of the tasks assigned to the team, the general atmosphere in the team and the individual qualities and capabilities of each employee. Otherwise, even putting the head of the team the most beautiful leader, you will not end up with any productivity gains. Since each person does not rarely require an individual approach. It also happens when selecting groups for specific tasks. Even at the level of the formation of such a group, it is necessary to take into account the socio-psychological factors that will directly influence the behavior of the members of the group and their ability to communicate not only with each other, but also listen to their boss (the leader of the group).

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