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What is cystitis? Causes and proper treatment.

Diseases associated with the genitourinary system,are considered complex and dangerous. If you neglect treatment, then over time the disease becomes chronic. And to cure from the started illness is completely and forever impossible. And especially dangerous is cystitis. By the way, women fall ill more often than men. Let's see what is cystitis and how to treat it.

What kind of disease?

What is cystitis?
If an infection enters the bladder, then in itinflammation occurs. Infection can have any nature: bacterial, fungal or viral. The infectious agent very quickly multiplies and affects the entire genitourinary system, not only by infecting it, but also by destroying the favorable microflora. Inflammation of the bladder is not only associated with discomfort, frequent urge and pain, but can also lead to the emergence of other female diseases, which, affecting the organs of the genitourinary system, lead to infertility. Cervical cystitis is especially unpleasant. With it, there is uncontrolled discharge, incontinence, and sharp cutting pain when urinating.

What is cystitis and how to treat it?
After reading what is cystitis, many women do notrealize the complexity of this disease and often do not pay due attention. Some, however, are treated, resorting to folk methods. This is not only not reasonable, but also fraught with adverse consequences. Self-medication can be a useless waste of priceless time, and aggravate the inflammatory process.

Causes for Cystitis

Speaking about what is cystitis, it is necessary to drawattention, why this disease appears. Doctors note a variety of reasons for the disease of cystitis. However, all these reasons are interrelated. Therefore, we will outline the main ones. Firstly, women who neglect personal hygiene are ill with cystitis. It is enough for one tiny bacterium to get into the urethra, so that a person learns by his own example what cystitis is. Secondly, hypothermia of the pelvis and extremities can also lead to inflammation of the bladder.

Cervical cystitis
Thirdly, kidney disease and the presence of stones in thethem, any manipulation on the genitourinary system, surgery, cancers - all this can cause cystitis. Fourth, talking about what is cystitis and listing the causes of the disease, you should pay attention to this. Cystitis can get sick after intercourse. Especially if there were oral sex. The fact is that there are a lot of bacteria in the person's mouth. All of them are unique. Getting into another, unfamiliar environment, the bacterium is absolutely unpredictable. For one person it is harmless, hitting the microflora of another - it causes inflammation and infectious diseases.

Correct treatment

Assign yourself to self-healing, knowingsuperficially, what is cystitis, not a single doctor will advise. Cystitis is one of those diseases that require the correct diagnosis. Bacteria, fungi and other pathogens of inflammation of the bladder are peculiar. Some drugs kill them, others - absolutely useless. To find out which particular drug will be cured in a particular case, it is possible only on the basis of urine analysis. No warmers or antiseptics bought in a pharmacy without a prescription will not help to forget about what cystitis is.

Therefore, at the first suspicion of inflammation of the genitourinary system, run urgently to the doctor and take the tests. Time is precious. The sooner therapy begins, the more favorable the outcome.

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