/ Why does cystitis occur in women? Home Treatment

Why does cystitis occur in women? Home Treatment

Cystitis is a disease associated with a stronginflammation of the bladder, which affects mostly women. According to statistics, this ailment occurs in girls 5 times more often than in the male population of the planet, due to the small penetration of the last infection in the genitourinary system due to the wide and short urethra, as well as various features of the structure of the female genitourinary system. Many women know firsthand about this disease.

Cystitis in women. Home Treatment

How is cystitis manifested in women? Treatment at home for this ailment

This disease can be recognized by the following signs:

  • severe pain at the very bottom of the abdomen;
  • constant urge to urinate;
  • pain and burning during urination;
  • increased body temperature;
  • urine acquires a dull yellow color, in some cases it may be with small veins of blood;
  • increased fatigue;
  • vomiting, nausea;
  • decreased appetite.

If there is cystitis in women, treatment inhome conditions can not consist only of taking antibiotics, since after the end of therapy, the illness is likely to return again. To treat this illness should be the elimination of the infection itself, which is the cause of its appearance.

Cystitis. Causes in women

Cystitis: causes of women in this disease

The appearance of this disease can provoke the following:

  • penetration into the urethra of infection from the vagina;
  • violation of the microflora of the reproductive system;
  • decreased immunity;
  • inflammation;
  • hypothermia.

The causative agents of cystitis are staphylococcus, herpes, trichomonads and so on.

How to prevent cystitis in women?

Treatment at home is a long process. Therefore, it is important to prevent the development of the disease. As a preventive measure, you must carefully observe the rules of personal hygiene, and also have one permanent partner. And, of course, adhere to all the known rules: avoid hypothermia and not sit on the cold.

Incomplete treatment in girls canto provoke the transition already in a constant, chronic, form. In this case, an exacerbation of cystitis may occur in the event of a decrease in immunity and a slight hypothermia.

Such a disease as cystitis in women (treatment inhome conditions of which is quite possible with the help of folk methods), can lead to discomfort and become the main cause of inflammation of the reproductive system. If you want to get rid of this ailment on your own, then every day you need to drink 3 liters of liquid, exclude from the diet of salty, acidic, spicy foods, as well as salt, smoked products. The preference is best given to meat, fish, soups, cheese and porridge. For the duration of therapy, you should limit yourself to drinking alcohol and coffee.

Traditional treatment of cystitis in women

Traditional treatment of cystitis in women

There are a number of folk remedies that can help you get rid of an unpleasant disease.

  • Tinctures of aralia, magnolia vine, ginseng, rhodiola rosea, which must be taken on 20 drops several times a day. The course of therapy is 2 weeks.
  • Tincture of a cornflower. Dry flowers are poured in 300 ml of boiling water and then aged for half an hour. The resulting tincture is divided in half - one part is drunk in the evening, and the other - in the morning.
  • Tincture of cloudberries. A tablespoon of leaves are poured 200 ml of boiling water and left for 30 minutes, then filtered and drunk 50 ml 4 times a day.
  • During the treatment of cystitis, a huge rolewarming up. For example, you can take hot baths, the water temperature should be up to 40 degrees. On your stomach you can put a mashed potato, cooked in a uniform. The main thing is that during the procedures the patient on his feet should have warm woolen socks, and on the waist - a shawl or a warm scarf.

With the treatment of inflammation of the bladder is better not to delay, as this disease can greatly affect the work of the kidneys.

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