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Cystitis: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder,provoked by bacteria that got there. Women are much more likely than men to have cystitis. The reasons for this are, first of all, that the urethra is shorter in women, which allows parasites to get into the bladder more quickly. The length of the female urethra is only 2.8-5.6 cm, and that of the male ñ from 10 to 18 cm. In addition, the entrance to the urethra in women is located in close proximity to the vagina and anus, so that the bacteria usually present in this area easily enter the urethra, causing cystitis, the causes of which may be inadequate personal hygiene, unprotected sex.
The disease manifests itself by painful urination, which becomes frequent. Urine leaves in small portions, becomes turbid, sometimes with an admixture of blood.
If you have these symptoms, andhigh fever, chills, pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will take urine for analysis in order to detect bacteria and leukocytes in it. They testify about the inflammatory process in the urinary tract, always accompanying cystitis, whose causes can also be after examination. During pregnancy, a woman is more prone to infectious diseases of the urinary tract due to hormonal changes and weakening of the muscular wall of the bladder. In time unnoticed cystitis can lead to premature birth, so during this period you need to carefully treat such symptoms.
Since the causes of cystitis in women are often associatedwith a sexual life, you can prevent this disease if you follow the recommendations for safe sex. Then you will be able to protect yourself from diseases that can affect the urinary tract. Before and after intercourse, it is also desirable to wash the genitals with warm water in the front to back direction. Try to urinate more often to excrete bacteria, not allowing their reproduction, it helps to remove bacteria that penetrated into the urethra after sexual intercourse.
Diseases of the urinary tract, such as cystitis,the causes of which are caused by infection, are treated fairly quickly with the help of antibiotics. But you can not take them by yourself, these medicines are prescribed only by a doctor.
It is also recommended to drink more liquid toTo wash out the bacteria penetrated into the bladder and reduce burning. A very good diuretic and some anti-inflammatory effect is provided by cranberry juice, although this means only additional therapy, it can not completely destroy pathogens. During the acute stage of the disease, especially if the fever has risen, it is best to adhere to a bed or a sparing regimen. Try to keep your legs and pelvic organs warm, if you have cystitis, the reasons for its sudden occurrence often consist in hypothermia of the body and a decrease in human immunity.

Very often cystitis after recovery appearsat the person again and again. Especially if you do not take preventive measures, then it is likely to be renewed. But if you do everything right, but the disease persists, then you can have some kind of anomaly in your urinary ways, which prevents the free flow of urine. Incomplete emptying creates favorable conditions for the colonization of bacteria and from reproduction. Cystitis can also have a relapse if you do not follow the rules of taking a prescribed antibiotic (dosage, frequency of administration and duration of the course), which contributes to the preservation of bacteria in the urinary tract.

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