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Cystitis in dogs, treatment must be done on time

Dogs, like other mammals, are prone tomany diseases of the genitourinary system. If the cystitis in dogs is diagnosed in time, treatment can get rid of this disease without serious consequences. You should not panic when you identify the symptoms of the ailment in your animal, you need to carry out a diagnosis and proceed with the doctor's prescriptions. Treatment of cystitis occurs quickly if you contact an experienced veterinarian who will put the correct diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The most common disease occurs infemales. It contributes to the occurrence of cystitis supercooling, as well as weakening of the body. If the acute form of the disease, which has not been cured, is not detected in time, it can go to the chronic stage, which is more dangerous for the animal.

Cystitis - signs, treatment of this disease

Cystitis in dogs, the treatment of which is necessaryto carry out in a complex, often occurs as a complication, after such diseases as pyelonephritis or urolithiasis, and also possible after a lesion of the urinary organs by dioktofimami and capillaries, which are parasites. If cystitis occurs, untreated treatment may even lead to the formation of ulcers, and necrosis of the walls of the bladder is possible, but usually it does not happen to such difficult consequences.

Depending on the severity of the disease, there arevarious symptoms. If there was a cystitis in dogs, treatment should be prescribed according to the severity of the course of the disease. The main symptoms are frequent urination, as well as fever. Sometimes the disease can be accompanied by vomiting and even anorexia. Palpating the stomach of your pet, you will feel a significantly enlarged bladder. To obtain an accurate diagnosis it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests of urine.

If your dog is sick with acute cystitis, withtimely provision of medical care, this disease will quickly and practically without a trace for your pet. In the presence of a chronic stage, a longer and more thorough treatment is required. If there was a gangrenous cystitis in dogs, treatment should be performed using cystocolonoplasty, in any other case, the tailed patient will die.

The main way to combat this disease is toplentiful drink (it is desirable to give a decoction of horsetail) and applying a warm warmer to the area of ​​the bladder. From medicines, the administration of antibiotics and baralgina is prescribed for 10 days.

If an animal is ill with chronic cystitis,In addition, UHF diathermy can be prescribed, which is used in the bladder area. The disease caused by parasites is treated with piperazine, which is taken for 3 weeks. In the case where cystitis is a consequence of the presence of an urolithiasis in the animal, one often has to resort to surgery.

Often people who live in villages orsmall towns, there is no possibility to seek help from a highly qualified veterinarian, so in such cases it is worth to turn to proven folk methods of treatment of this disease.

The most commonly used are natural antibiotics: rhubarb, licorice naked, bearberry. From these herbs, a decoction is prepared, which is constantly added to the diet of the sick dog as a drink. The douching of herbs in the morning and in the evening is good. Treatment of cystitis is quickly impossible, you need to show patience.

Various diuretic drugs are used that help to remove pathogenic organisms from the genitourinary system of the animal. With this task, the decoction of parsley is excellent.

This treatment can be carried out for no more than 3 months, then you need to arrange a month off. If necessary, you can repeat these activities.

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