/ / Cystitis in a child: symptoms in different forms of the disease, causes, treatment

Cystitis in a child: symptoms with different forms of the disease, causes, treatment

The most common pathology of the urinary tracta system characterized by the development of inflammation in the bladder, is cystitis. The child's symptoms will depend on the form in which it occurs.

cystitis in the child symptoms

One of the causes of the disease may be gettingand fixing the infection in the bladder. Exposed to this disease are children of both sexes, but because of the peculiarities of physiology in girls, the risk of cystitis increases several times by the year. Quite often children with cystitis with weakened immunity, endocrine diseases, chronic pathologies of the abdominal cavity, congenital diseases of the urinary tract, urolithiasis suffer from cystitis. In some cases, the body reacts in this way to a lack of vitamins. Observed signs of cystitis in children can and because of the use of certain medications. However, nevertheless, the main pathogens of the inflammatory process are streptococci, colibacillus, chlamydia, staphylococci and other microorganisms trapped in the bladder from the urethra.

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Cystitis in the child: symptoms and classification

Depending on the nature of the course of inflammation andits causes may be acute or chronic, primary or secondary. Acute cystitis in the child causes frequent urge to urinate (for an hour several times), which occurs as a result of squeezing the end of the nerves, and as a result of irritation of the bladder. In this case, a child may feel aching pain in the lower abdomen, irradiating into the rectum or perineum - these are the main problems that cause cystitis in a child. Symptoms in the form of urinary incontinence, sharp pain in the process of urination and the allocation of blood in small quantities, will tell about the development of the disease. In general, the intensity of pain depends on the prevalence of inflammation. The chronic course of the disease is characterized by mild symptoms, manifested only during periods of exacerbations. During remission, children do not complain of poor health.

acute cystitis in the child
It is difficult to recognize inflammation in the baby. In this case, rapid urination, crying and a general restless condition manifests cystitis in the child. Symptoms with time are supplemented by nausea, fever. On the diaper, you can see that the urine has become darker. If you find even the slightest signs of cystitis in your child, visit a doctor. The specialist will help to overcome the ailment for the shortest possible time (with adequate treatment, the symptoms are eliminated within a week or ten days).


In the framework of therapy, children are assigned bed restfor a couple of days, a diet and taking medications, often antibiotics. It is necessary to exclude walks and active games during the treatment. Parents should control that the child is not supercooled. An important measure is the regular observance of personal hygiene. Every day, wash with child's soap in the shower of the child, change his underwear in time. In addition, carefully monitor the condition of the oral cavity, because caries sometimes also leads to the development of cystitis.

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