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Low cardiac pressure - causes and treatment

Arterial pressure is one of the mainindicators of human life. When it is normal, a person feels well. The two numbers resulting from its measurement are systolic and diastolic pressure. Systolic is also called cardiac, because it shows the effectiveness of the heart. A diastolic characterizes the tone of blood vessels at the time of relaxation. If it is low and the heart does not work well, a person feels a lack of oxygen. Because of this, many diseases can occur.

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Therefore, it is dangerous not only high, but also low cardiac pressure. The reasons for it may be different.

Why does the pressure drop?

1. Heart failure and various heart diseases, for example, arrhythmia or pathology of the valves, a condition after a heart attack or cardiac blockade - all this leads to the fact that the heart can not function properly and therefore the pressure decreases.

2. A common cause of depression of pressure is vegetative vascular dystonia, which is caused by improper work of the adrenal glands. They produce many hormones that reduce the tone of blood vessels.

3. Why else is low blood pressure? The causes of this ailment can be associated with severe diseases of the internal organs. Most often it is diabetes, pancreatitis, ulcer, hepatitis or cystitis.

4. Pressure may decrease after taking some medications. These include

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"Nitroglycerin", many soothing and spasmolytic drugs, large doses of antibiotics and painkillers.

5. Why can low heart pressure be in healthy people? It decreases with dehydration, blood loss, for example, after trauma, and even with a deficiency of vitamins C, E or B5.

6. Physically healthy people often have low cardiac pressure. The reasons for this are psychological trauma, stress and neuroses.

How to determine if your blood pressure has dropped?

When hypotension the patient experiences weakness,lack of air, shortness of breath and dizziness. Frequent companions of this condition are numbness of the limbs, as well as head and heart pain. The patient may suddenly lose consciousness, he is observed

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decreased ability to work, memory impairment, sleep disorders and apathy. Signs of a sharp decrease in pressure are cooling and numbness of the extremities, nausea, dizziness and severe weakness.

How to treat hypotension?

It is very important for such patients to comply with theday, avoid overload and lack of sleep, eat right and give up bad habits. Increasingly, people have low heart pressure. Treatment is not difficult, but it should be comprehensive and long-lasting. There are special preparations for increasing the tone of the vessels, but the folk remedies are also very effective. For example, a tincture of ginseng, magnolia vine or eleutherococcus.

Watch your diet and sleep well if you have low heart pressure. The reasons for it are most often associated with the wrong regime of the day and the presence of bad habits.

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