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How to increase pressure in pregnancy

Arterial pressure is very indicativeparameter for assessing the course of pregnancy. Often pregnant women, not even so many as their family members, pay attention to the fact that the woman has become paler, weaker and so on. In most cases, the alarm is false, but sometimes the fears are fully justified. If nevertheless hypotension has developed, then how to improve pressure during pregnancy?

First, let's look at what isnormal blood pressure. Often many women can claim that their pressure is always low. It is important to determine correctly whether the pressure is low or normal, but just below the generally accepted norm. Normal can be considered the pressure at which a healthy person feels well. In order to determine what kind of pressure is normal for a person, you need to regularly measure it for at least a week in moments of well-being. There is an opinion that the normal pressure is one hundred twenty to eighty, but for example, for a young, nulliparous fragile woman, pressure one hundred and sixty is quite suitable, and not low at all. It is important to correctly understand where the truth is, and where the fiction or myth. If the pressure is really low, then the person will feel it, he may have fainting, weakness, fits of dizziness and nausea. And now, if at such a moment to measure blood pressure, and it will be below the norm, then this is an attack of hypotension. On the contrary, if a woman has ninety to sixty pressure, but she is active and feels great, then such pressure is normal for her, and not a disease. Therefore it is very important to find out the normal indicators, so that if necessary, do not guess, and raise the pressure during pregnancy if it starts to fall.

Arterial pressure is measured witha special device - a tonometer. Every pregnant woman should have his home for constant monitoring of his health. Until it starts jumping, control must be done at least once a week, but if it has already lost stability, then every day. It is measured on both hands in turn, and the norm is taken as their average arithmetic value. You need to know the norm before pressure starts with problems, so you need to buy a tonometer immediately after the pregnancy is diagnosed. A more reliable result comes out when the pressure is measured not by the woman herself, but when it is done by someone from the surrounding. Measurement is important to conduct in a quiet environment, and the tonometer is better to take a switch than a digital one.

The question "how to raise pressure during pregnancy?"May occur already in the first trimester of pregnancy, in the case when early toxicosis develops. This pathology is usually manifested by attacks of weakness, dizziness, nausea, short-term loss of consciousness and drowsiness.

How to increase pressure in pregnancy in the firsther trimester? This problem is solved with the help of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Try to eat a full vitamin nutrition. From medicamentous preparations will approach or suit tsitramon and caffeine. With caffeine containing medications you need to be careful, since from the middle of pregnancy the frequent problem becomes precisely the raised pressure. How to increase the pressure in decafless pregnancy?

It can be replaced by strong natural coffee andstrong tea. And then to coffee during pregnancy should be treated as a medicine - drink it when pressure decreases, because the body can get used to coffee as a drug. And in general, with any problems arising during pregnancy, you need to notify your gynecologist. For example, fearing to lose teeth for pregnancy, women begin uncontrolled intake of calcium preparations, and in fact its excess leads to increased blood pressure. If this happens, the pregnant woman will not be tormented by the question: "how to increase the pressure during pregnancy?", But the question "how to reduce it".

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