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Warts on hands: treatment

Not everyone can boast of an ideal appearance. Very often you can meet people who are slim, beautiful, smart, but they have something that all this beauty spoils. Such shortcomings can be different. Boldly you can include warts.

A man who never had them, can notunderstand what a big problem they are. The fact is that warts on the hands, the treatment of which in this article will be considered, is very difficult to remove. In addition, after removal, they can easily appear again.

What are warts?

Warts are nothing more than abenign formations that appear on the surface of the skin. Why do they appear? The cause may be various viruses (papillomaviruses), which are currently known for more than fifty.

These viruses, developing in the human body, can provoke the growth of the upper layers of the skin.

Most often, warts on the hands, whose treatmentcan take a lot of time, appear in older people, as well as in adolescents. In themselves they look like peculiar growths on the skin, but with inflammations they have nothing in common. They are more like a very dense tumor. As a rule, they have the same color as the skin or may be slightly lighter than it. What size can they be? Warts are usually at least two and not more than twelve millimeters.

Many are wary of people with wartsthe reason that they consider them unclean, and also think that they are contagious. In fact, cleanliness here is completely (or at least almost) with nothing, and the opportunity to get infected through household contact is still there. The virus can be transmitted not only through direct contact, but even through means of use. Risk factors include various wounds, scratches and other injuries that can be present on a person's skin.

In general, it is worth noting, then the viruses thatbecome causes of warts, begin to declare themselves only three months after the person becomes infected. Good immunity can help get rid of almost any of them.

Warts on hands: treatment

It often happens that a person appearswarts, and then immediately disappear. The thing is that he simply recovered immunity, which was mentioned above. It happens quite often.

Based on the foregoing,that to eliminate these impartial formations it is enough simply to strengthen the immune system. Eat more fruits, vegetables, drink vitamin and mineral complexes, which you advised the doctor. In many, but not in all cases, it will help.

Very often doctors have to observepatients who for many years can not remove their warts on their hands. Treatment, whatever it is, is ineffective for them. The whole trick is that even if you remove the wart surgically, it will reappear in a few days about the same place. Many cut, cut down a file or burn warts right at home. None of the above can not be done, since all this can lead to very serious problems.

Treatment of warts is best carried out underby the supervision of an experienced doctor who will always find what to advise. Yes, it is sometimes very difficult to remove warts. Treatment: ointment, various folk remedies (vinegar, celandine), chemical method, electrocoagulation, cryodestruction of warts. All this is effective, but it does not help in every case.

Modern medicine knows many differentways to get rid of these unpleasant formations. Today, the treatment of warts with a laser is very popular. Many doctors recommend this method.

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