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Warts on the legs: treatment

Warts - unpleasant upsets caused bydevelopment of the papilloma virus. Most often they appear on the hands and feet. Today we will talk about what to do if there are warts on the legs: treatment to begin or still wait until they disappear on their own?

Warts on the foot: reasons for the appearance

You can easily catch the papilloma virus,for example, when using a common shower, while being in this place barefoot, in the locker room, the pool. And still very often warts, so-called plantar, appear due to the wearing of tight shoes, and also in case of heavy sweating of the feet. It is no wonder that there will be a prophylaxis of the appearance of warts: do not walk barefoot in public places, wear shoes only in size.

Warts on the foot: treatment with folk remedies

There is an opinion that if you do not treat warts, thenthey will pass independently. In principle, it is possible, but whether it happens in reality, you never know. Moreover, if the warts are located on the foot, then they may well be painful, but to suffer pain while walking and wait, maybe will pass, hardly anyone can.

Treatment of warts on the legs can be done mostin a variety of ways. What kind of money is not invented, starting with the simplest ones and ending with those that you want to call magical. See for yourself.

  1. Warts on the legs, the treatment of which, in principle,not very complicated, can be removed with the help of celandine. The plant grows in our latitudes, so during the spring-summer season it is possible to treat them. Also the extract of celandine is sold in pharmacies. Milk to lubricate each growth a few times a day until they disappear completely.
  2. And this is a folk remedy with elements of magic. Although, if it can be called that. We need to take one potato, cut it into two halves. One is thrown over the left shoulder, another is smeared with a wart, and then buried in a place where this half could quickly rot. As soon as the potatoes rot, the wart will disappear immediately. I know a lot of those who really got rid of the wart with this method.
  3. Warts on the legs, whose treatment is not the mostcomplex, can be removed in this way. From fresh garlic you need to prepare a gruel and attach it to the wart for a few seconds. A long time to keep it is not necessary, since garlic can lead to the appearance of a burn.
  4. Heel wart treatment requires somewhat different. Although, of course, you can try to use the methods described above. The leg needs to be well roasted, to remove the horny layer of the wart. Then it should be put a small piece of raw meat, fix it with food film and adhesive tape. You need to wear all this, not removing, three or four days. After that, the leg needs to be rip-off again, and if the wart does not go away, repeat the procedure again.

Warts on legs: cosmetic treatment

But not only folk medicine offers effective remedies for warts. Modern cosmetology is ready to provide an opportunity to cure them by the following methods:

  • Diathermocoagulation. Warts under local anesthesia are cauterized with high frequency current.
  • A liquid nitrogen. Freeze the warts, after which they pale and after a while disappear.
  • Liquid keratolytic. Warts are lubricated with a special liquid, the basis of which is salicylic alcohol. After that they dies after two days, it remains only to shear with scissors.
  • Electrocoagulation. One of the most effective and popular ways. The effect is carried out by a charge of a current of small frequency.
  • Laser surgery. A big plus of wart removal with laser is painlessness. The percentage of efficiency is very high.
  • Chemical excision. A special preparation of pyrogenal is introduced into the tissue. It remains only to wait a few days until the warts completely disappear.
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