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Wart on the foot. Prevention and treatment

Warts are benigntumor formation on the skin. They are caused by a virus from a variety of human papillomaviruses. He can stay in the body for a long time and not show himself, because the incubation period lasts a long time - from a week to several months. Typically, warts appear on the fingers, palms, on the face, the scalp and, of course, on the soles of the feet.

Especially often there is a wart on the foot. This kind of education differs from the usual ones in that it is very painful. Strong painful sensations during walking can cause not only discomfort, but even lead to loss of ability to work. The human papilloma virus, which causes the appearance of warts, loves moisture and warmth - it is this environment that is optimal for reproduction. Therefore, children who wear sneakers more often than other shoes (especially if sneakers are not made from natural fabrics) are at the main risk group.

The wart on the foot in appearance looks likeA small protrusion on the skin and very similar to an ordinary corn. If the presence of a wart does not disturb and does not cause pain, many prefer not to pay attention to it or engage in self-medication. However, this disease is not so harmless! It is necessary to consult specialists to exclude skin cancer.

What to do if there are warts on the foot? How to cure a plantar wart?

Operation is the easiest way to removewarts. However, this method is suitable only for warts that are on hand. The operation of removal of plantar warts is associated with a number of features. The wart on the foot causes severe pain, which can persist for up to two weeks after the operation, that is, a person becomes disabled for a fortnight. The next difficulty is that the foot skin is rough and thick, and the roots of the plantar wart are very deep. The successful outcome of the operation is the complete removal of the root. If this is not done, the warts will appear again.

In addition to surgery, there are other ways to remove them.

How to remove plantar warts?

Apply different methods of chemotherapy. Warts are lubricated with medicines, and laser therapy is used. But the most sparing for the skin are cryotherapy and electrocoagulation. With these treatments, the wart on the foot undergoes hypothermia or moxibustion. Both low and high temperatures kill the virus and destroy the structure of the wart.

The virus that causes the appearance of warts is notis aggressive, but it is quite contagious. Human papillomavirus is transmitted both in direct contact and indirectly: through personal hygiene, water, penetrating through the mucous membranes or micro-traumas of the skin. Completely eliminate the possibility of infection with the virus is difficult, but you can take measures to strengthen immunity and observe simple methods of prevention.

Plantar warts appear for a number of reasons. It is much easier to prevent the occurrence of warts than to treat them. Prevention of this disease consists in the observance of personal hygiene of the feet. It is often necessary to wash your feet, always wear clean socks. If you have excessive sweating, you can use special medications. Another nuance - plantar warts "like" uncomfortable tight shoes, which creates pressure on the foot. Here it should be remembered that good and comfortable shoes are the guarantee of your health.

By eliminating the above risk factors from your life, you will most likely never encounter a problem such as plantar warts.

Take care of your health! Do not let the papilloma virus parasitize on you!

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