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Why do warts appear and how to deal with them?

Warts - skin disease, expressed inform of small tumor-like formations that do not have an inflammatory character. They are benign in nature and can hit any place. The main reason why people want to get rid of them is the extremely unaesthetic appearance of warts.

Why do warts appear?
The main reason why there are warts isit is a human papillomavirus. It can be transmitted through touch, objects. The infection develops and manifests itself within a few months. Its reproduction occurs very actively and is accompanied by growth of the upper layers of the epidermis. The carrier of the infection may not have external manifestations. Another reason why there are warts are micro-traumas of the skin. So, on the feet they can appear because of swimming in the public pool. Also, warts will spread through the body. From one place a person takes them to other places, causing himself microtraumas. Decreased immunity is another reason why warts appear. It is for this reason that the inhabitants of large cities have more and more of them. The organism is in constant stress, as a result the virus multiplies very actively.

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Allocate different types of warts. Dense small nodules that do not cause pain are ordinary warts. Their surface is rough. Most often they appear on the hands, face and head, can affect both children and adults. They do not bring any discomfort. Plantar warts are found on the feet. They can be painful. They look like filiform papillae, surrounded by a corn-like roller. The reason why warts appear on the legs is inappropriate shoes.

Another type is juvenile warts. These are nodules of skin color, round in shape and with a smooth surface. They hardly protrude above the level of the skin. They usually amaze young people, appearing on the face and hands.
Genital warts are also referred to as warts. They are transmitted through unprotected sex, so sometimes they are called venereal. They are treated by gynecologists and urologists.

Another type is senile warts. They do not require treatment.
Under the guise of a wart, someanother disease, including malignant tumors. Therefore, it is not recommended to remove them at home. In order for the operation to proceed correctly, successfully and safely, the help of a qualified specialist is necessary. Only a doctor can diagnose such a tumor. Handle them with care, as any wart can degenerate into a malignant.

From warts
Many people ask such questions as removalwarts and removal of moles. The reviews show a very different attitude. Someone believes that this is completely safe, others are convinced that it is better to use only folk remedies.

It should be noted that when applying folkfunds can not get a positive result infrequently. It will be more correct to consult a doctor who will determine whether it is possible to remove one or another tumor. From warts today use a laser, with which you can perform the operation in just a few minutes. This method is non-traumatic and safe. Electrocoagulation, cryotherapy and surgical excision are also used.

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