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How to get rid of a wart at home? A few effective recipes

Warts are growths of benigncharacter that can appear anywhere in the human body. Most often these are hands, feet, face and back. The wart itself does not pose a particular danger to human health, but if it reaches a large size and is in a prominent place, its presence can spoil the whole appearance. Therefore, people who suffer from this disease, you need to know how to get rid of the wart at home. Of course, you can apply to the salon, dealing with their removal professionally, but it will cost money. We will consider relatively free ways to solve this problem.

Causes of the appearance of a wart

how to get rid of a wart at home

So, to begin with, it is necessary to understand why theseunpleasant growths appear on the body. The main reason for the formation of warts is considered human papillomavirus. It can be picked up by contact with a patient who, incidentally, may not even suspect about his illness and be just its carrier. Basically, infection occurs with a decrease in immunity. For example, after illness or during pregnancy.

How can I get rid of warts?

There are many people's methods of destroying theseoutgrowths. But keep in mind that before using them, it is better to consult a dermatologist. And even better to pass the necessary tests to identify the nature of the growths - suddenly they turn out to be malignant. In this case, how to get rid of the wart at home, do not even think about it!

So, the recipes for its "destruction".

  • One of the most popular methods of deducinggrowths from the human body is the use of vinegar. How to get rid of a wart at home using it? Very simple. Take a pipette, type a little vinegar into it and drop 2-3 drops of acid onto the wart. Everything, nothing else is needed. It remains only to perform this procedure daily until the warts disappear. But be careful - you can burn healthy skin. To avoid this, you can paste a piece of a patch with a hole inside the wart in which the wart will be located. Thus, if vinegar is spilled past the formation, it will not fall on the skin, but on the plaster.
    how can I get rid of warts
  • Also, many readers are interested in the question of howget rid of the wart at home using juice celandine? The answer is simple: everything is just as easy! It is necessary every day (and it is possible and 2 times per day) to smear a wart with the juice of this poisonous plant (it is advisable to use its root).
  • How to get rid of small warts? Use the method with silk thread. To do this, it is necessary to carefully pull the leg off the built-up edge and put a bundle of thread on it, which is tightened more tightly. In this case, you do not need to pull a wart from the root (you probably will not get it), but it's worth waiting for a while until the blood flows from the nodule to the wart. After that, she will die on her own.

how to get rid of small warts

How to get rid of warts at home,using other methods? There are many recipes that will help you to remove these growths from your body. Well, for example, at night make a wart on a compress of pulp Kalanchoe. Do this procedure until you are satisfied with the result.

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