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Treatment of warts at home

Warts relate to skin diseases,caused by viral infections. The causative agent is one of the varieties of the papilloma virus, of which there are about 60. There are warts in people of all ages, and benign at the outset, the growths on the skin can develop into malignant ones. The size of the warts and appearance depends on the localization of the body and the level of irritation. There is a disease with various symptoms, and the number of warts themselves can vary from one to a dozen.

Since ancient times, treatment has found wide applicationwarts at home using folk remedies. Various herbs, tinctures and lotions sometimes have a curative effect, and the warts disappear. Ways of treating warts at home are quite a lot. Apply a bandage with leaves of fresh Kalanchoe pinnate, applying and bandaging overnight. It takes from three to four procedures to make the warts disappear.

Applied the treatment of warts with vinegar from apples,who insist on garlic. Half a glass of apple cider vinegar pour three to four finely chopped denticles, close and leave to infuse for two weeks. This infusion should be moistened with warts, do this twice a day until completely extinct. This method requires precautions: the skin around the warts should not be damaged. Garlic can also be used by mixing with lard, applying to a bandage and attaching it to the wart. The dressing should be changed daily. Treatment of warts with vinegar: place the raw onion for two hours in vinegar, and then bind to the wart, which after several applications of this remedy must come out with the root.

Liquid soap, applied to a bandage and tied towarts, soften them, which will allow painless removal. Sometimes clean chopped chalk, sprinkled and bandaged to warts, helps. This bandage can not be soaked.

Treatment of warts at homeinvolves the use of natural herbal remedies. The formations on the skin disappear if they are wiped daily with juices of ashberry or sour apples, and also squeezed out the juice from the leaves or stems of calendula - marigolds. It helps infusion or strong decoction of wormwood.

You can try to use wood ash, previously diluted with water. This recipe is most effective in treating flat warts.

Usual large table salt, if it is crushed in the juice of horseradish and rubbed into warts, will contribute to their disappearance.

For such a variety, as plantar warts, you can apply the treatment of raw potatoes, applying a gruel to the sole for the night.

Helps the lacteal juice of a dandelion or juice of immature figs, as well as its leaves or twigs, if to rub or make lotions.

In children, the appearance of warts is associated withlack of hygiene or chronic skin disease. Treatment of warts in children is an extreme case, usually with age they disappear themselves. But if the warts interfere, the child experiences discomfort, then it is quite possible, but it is advisable to consult before starting treatment of warts at home, with a specialist dermatologist.

As well as treating warts at homein adults, the treatment of warts in children is based on the use of herbal preparations. It is less traumatic and painless for the child. It helps to remove the warts with the juice of celandine, calendula, and milkweed. The juice of the celandine is eaten by its qualities, so it should be applied neatly and only around the warts in small amounts. You can try a compress using grated horseradish, which should be mixed with salt, as well as a pack of raw potato mush. Freshly squeezed cabbage juice or a decoction of wormwood also helps to save children from warts.

If treatment of warts at home is nothad the proper effect or does not suit the need for prolonged use of folk remedies, you can go to any beauty salon where warts are removed with liquid nitrogen in a matter of seconds.

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