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The drug "Amitriptyline". Instructions. Reviews

The drug "Amitriptyline" (Nycomed) is considered the most simple and affordable antidepressant. The medicine is available in the form of capsules, dragees, tablets, solution for injection (intramuscular).

Medication belongs to the group of tricyclicantidepressants. The drug "Amitriptyline" (instruction, doctors' reviews confirm this) has some analgesic, antiserotonin, H2-histamine-blocking effect. The drug contributes to the elimination of urinary incontinence at night and a decrease in appetite.

Medication "Amitriptyline" has a pronounced central and peripheral anticholinergic effect, has a strong sedative effect and alpha-adrenergic blocking effect.

Antidepressant action begins to develop within two to three weeks from the beginning of admission.

The drug "Amitriptyline" (instruction, reviewsexperts point to this) is prescribed for depressions complicated by sleep disorders (in childhood including), agitation, anxiety associated with organic lesions in the brain, alcohol abstinence. The medication is prescribed under conditions of reactive, neurotic, involutional, endogenous, medicinal nature.

Medication "Amitriptyline" (instructions, reviewsdoctors confirm this) is effective in schizophrenic psychoses, emotional disorders of mixed nature, behavioral disturbances (attention and activity).

The drug is indicated for nocturnal enuresis (excludinghypotension in the bladder), chronic pain syndrome (with migraines, chronic pain in cancer patients, postherpetic neuralgia, rheumatic pathologies, atypical pain in the face, post-traumatic, diabetic and other peripheral neuropathy).

The medicine is also prescribed for bulimia nervosa.

The drug is contraindicated in myocardial infarction,hypersensitivity, concomitant with MAO inhibitors and 14 days prior to the onset of their use. The medicine "Amitriptyline" is not prescribed (the instruction, the experts' reviews confirm it) with acute alcohol intoxication, poisoning with sleeping pills, psychoactive, analgesic medicines. Contraindications include zukratougolnuyu glaucoma, severe disorders of intraventricular and atrioventricular conductivity. Medication "Amitriptyline Nycomed" instructions for use does not allow for the appointment of nursing women, patients under six years (for oral forms) and up to twelve years (for injection solutions).

With caution, the drug is taken withbronchial asthma, chronic alcoholism, pathologies in the cardiovascular system (arterial hypertension, arrhythmia, angina pectoris, heart failure), with reduced motor function of the digestive tract (due to the probability of development of intestinal paralysis), intraocular hypertension, prostatic hyperplasia, liver failure or kidney, thyrotoxicosis, urinary retention, hypotension in the bladder, as well as in schizophrenia of epilepsy.

The advisability of using the medication during the period of gestation is determined by the attending physician.

When appointing the drug "Amitriptyline" patients in old age may need to adjust the dosage.

Oral forms of medicine take whole, not crushing. Recommended intake immediately after a meal.

The initial dosage for adults is 25-50 mg per night. Subsequently, gradually (within five or six days) the dose is increased.

The duration of use is determined only by the doctor.

Dosage for children is determined by the doctor.

Before using the medication, you should carefully study the annotation and consult with a specialist.

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