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Euphorbium. Instructions

"Euphorbium" instruction describes howcomplex homeopathic preparation. An agent is used to treat various inflammatory and allergic diseases. "Euphorbium" (nose drops) has a reparative, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory properties.

Components included in the homeopathicmeans, affect the functioning of mucous membranes in the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity. "Euforbium" is able to prevent the drying of shells and optimize the various metabolic processes occurring in them. Against the background of severe rhinitis, the drug significantly reduces the frontal tension, which makes it possible to significantly ease nasal breathing.

"Euphorbium" instruction recommends the use ofsevere forms of inflammatory diseases in the paranasal sinuses of the chronic course. A complex homeopathic remedy effectively reactivates and moisturizes damaged areas.

It should be noted that "Euforbium", in contrastfrom other drugs, does not have an instantaneous effect. As practice shows, with the regular use of the homeopathic remedy, relief is noted on the third or fourth day and is of a long duration. In this case, the effect of other drugs - for a short time, as a rule.

According to clinical observations, the homeopathic remedy "Euforbium" is well tolerated by patients. This allows you to prescribe the drug to elderly patients, pregnant women and children up to a year.

It has been established that prolonged use of a homeopathic remedy does not provoke drug dependence, in contrast to allopathic remedies for rhinitis.

"Euforbium". Instructions. Indications

The drug is prescribed for rhinitis hyperplastic,atrophic, as well as allergic, viral, bacteriological nature. Homeopathic agent shown in hay fever, pollinosis, adenoids, rinopatii drug. The drug "Euphorbium" manual recommended for otitis, evstaheite, sinusitis. Homeopathic remedy can also be used as a prophylaxis for various colds.

The preparation is in the form of an aerosol for intranasal administration. Vials with droplets are equipped with a dispenser.

"Euforbium". Instructions for use

For adults, it is recommended to apply the drug one to two times three to five times a day in each nostril daily. In acute situations, an increase in the number of applications to five or six is ​​allowed.

Patients under six years of age are prescribed three to four times daily.

The remedy can be used in ARVI as part of complex treatment together with other medicines, including homeopathic medicines.

Contraindicated drug with hypersensitivity, manifested to components.

As already mentioned, "Euforbium" is transferredOK. However, side effects are also possible. In particular, when applying homeopathic remedies, the patient can feel allergic manifestations: itching, burning in the nasal cavity. At the same time, as practice shows and consumer testimonies show, adverse reactions are less pronounced (in comparison with allopathic medicines).

"Euforbium" can be used with other drugs without any restrictions. This provision is equally applicable to both other homeopathic and allopathic remedies.

Many reviews indicate effectivenesspreparation. However, treatment should be carried out regularly. The best therapeutic result is noted, of course, at the initial stages of the development of pathology. However, it is also possible to alleviate the symptoms in later stages.

Before using the product, consult a doctor.

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