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External means. The instruction "Advantana"

The drug "Advantan" is a remedy appliedexternally. The medication is able to suppress allergic and inflammatory skin reactions. Due to these properties, the intensity of symptoms such as pain, irritation, puffiness, erythema, pruritus decreases. The active substance of the drug is methylprednisolone aceponate. With external application, the drug has minimal systemic effect. Even after prolonged treatment, when using occlusive dressings, there were no abnormalities of adrenal activity.

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Purpose of the medicine "Advantan". Instructions. Price. Reviews

The medicine is recommended for skin pathologies, inincluding chronic course, in patients with a four-month-old age. In particular, the indications include various forms of dermatitis (atopic, contact, allergic), eczema (true, degenerative, microbial, dishydrotic). The medicine is prescribed for persons with a neurodermitis. The preparation in the form of an emulsion is recommended additionally with solar burns. This dosage form, according to experts, is more suitable for treating affected skin areas in children. The agent is applied externally once a day, in a thin layer. Duration of use for children is 4 weeks, for adults - 12 weeks. Instruction "Advantana" does not recommend the use of medicines for a longer time. In case of skin lesions that are not complicated by wetting, as well as infiltration, it is more advisable to treat the surface with ointment, since in this dosage form the amount of water and fat is optimally combined.

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Instruction "Advantana" does not recommend a remedyin the presence of syphilitic or tuberculous lesions, manifestations of a viral disease (chicken pox, shingles, for example) in the application area. No medication is prescribed for patients with rosacea, perioral dermatitis, skin reactions to vaccination. The drug is not recommended for hypersensitivity. Instruction "Advantana" does not contain direct contraindications to the use of the drug during pregnancy or lactation. However, the usefulness of therapy during these periods is determined by the doctor. Breastfeeding women (in the case of the appointment of therapy) should not be treated with this drug mammary glands.

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Side effects of the drug "Advantan". Instructions. Patient Reviews

During therapy, people rarely report complications. Comparing the drug with similar drugs, patients say that the drug "Advantan" is transferred better than other external drugs. Even with prolonged treatment, skin atrophy, acne, striae or telangiectasia do not develop. As practice shows, the medication is satisfactorily tolerated by patients of different ages. Undesirable effects are usually associated with the presence of intolerance in patients. Typically, these side effects manifest themselves in the form of allergic skin reactions, enhancing the existing symptoms. Instruction "Advantana" recommends that when developing any negative reactions, stop using the medication and consult a specialist.

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