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The drug "SAB simplex": instructions and references

The reason for the uneasy behavior of infantsoften lies in problems with the tummy. Elderly people also often suffer from flatulence. These problems are easily eliminated with the help of medicines. Popular among them is the drug "SAB simplex". The instruction allows the use of its babies almost from the first days of life. Use the tool also in adult patients, in preparation for diagnosis (ultrasound, radiography, etc.) GIT.

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The main active ingredient of the drug issimethicone. It helps to reduce the surface tension of gas bubbles that form in the stomach and intestines, resulting in their destruction. The drug is not absorbed and is excreted from the body in its original form.

Medication "SAB simplex" reviews of young parentscalled an effective remedy for colic, which deliver a lot of unpleasant moments and sleepless nights and baby, and adults. In Russia, the drug has been used for more than 10 years, and in Europe - three times longer. The product is available in droplets, which makes it easy to measure any dosage. The drug "SAB simplex" instruction for children recommends giving during or after a meal. The newborn is added to the bottle with a mixture or given with a teaspoon before the beginning of the feeding. In the latter case, it is not necessarily diluted with water or breast milk. The taste of the medicine is quite pleasant, therefore, most likely, the child will like it.

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Another important advantage of the drug "Sabsimplex "- the price. In comparison with other agents having a similar effect, it is not high. In this regard, the drug is available to virtually everyone, regardless of material income.

To children of preschool age the means "Sabsimplex "the instruction recommends to apply 3-6 times a day. The dosage for this age is 15 drops. If necessary, the product is additionally given overnight. For those children who go to school, if there are problems with the intestines (increased gas production), 20-30 drops are recommended. Before using the drug, especially in young children, it is necessary to get specialist advice, since allergic reactions are possible.

For the "Simplex" tool, the instructioncontraindications practically does not call. The drug can be used when expecting a child, and during breastfeeding. Restrictions on the use of the drug are hypersensitivity to the components that are in it.

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Also, the drug is not prescribed for patients who have intestinal obstruction.

It must be said that the remedy is excellenta cure for colic, especially with complex therapy, which includes various physical methods, massage. Due to the fact that the action of the drug does not interfere with the digestive process and does not have a particular effect on the intestinal microflora, it will not become addictive.

Duration of reception of the remedy in case of treatment orprevention of colic depends on the characteristics of the baby and is regulated by a specialist. For adults taking the drug before the examination of the digestive tract, it is sufficient to take a single dose in the dosage indicated in the instructions.

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