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The drug "Ursoliv." Instructions for use

Drug "Ursoliv" - hepatoprotectivemedicament. The drug has lipid-lowering, cholelitholitic, choleretic actions, has hypocholesterolemic and to some extent immunomodulatory effects. The active ingredient is ursodeoxycholic acid. The medicine is in the form of capsules. The drug stimulates the production and release of bile, accelerating the transport of bile toxic acids from the intestine. The drug affects immunological processes, reducing pathological expression in antigens, lowers the level of eosinophils. The maximum concentration of the drug is noted after two hours. The drug is metabolized in the liver. Decay products are derived from bile.

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The drug "Ursoliv." Instructions for use. Appointment

The drug is shown in the symptomatictherapy with biliary (primary) cirrhosis in the absence of manifestations of decompensation, biliary reflux-esophagitis. The drug is prescribed to dissolve cholesterol stones (small size) with an active gallbladder.

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The agent Ursoliv. Instructions for use. Contraindications

It is not recommended a medicine for atrophic biliarya bladder on the basis of cholelithiasis, a dysfunctional gallbladder, obstruction in the biliary tract, acute pathologies of an inflammatory nature in the intestine. The drug "Ursoliv" is not prescribed (expert reviews confirm this) in the presence of radiocontrast stones (with an elevated level of calcium), with a concrement size of more than 20 mm. Contraindications include the active stage of pancreatitis, hypersensitivity, the degree of decompensation of cirrhosis, pregnancy. No remedy is given to patients with weight less than 34 kg, nursing women.

The drug "Ursoliv." Instructions for use

Take the medicine inside. To dissolve stones, the drug is drunk in the evening hours before bedtime. The average dosage is 10 mg / kg. For patients weighing up to 60 kg - two capsules, up to 80 kg - three, up to 100 kg - four, more than 100 kg - five capsules. Duration of admission from six months to a year. For preventive purposes (to prevent the re-formation of concrements) should take the remedy for several months after the removal of stones. With symptomatic treatment of biliary primary cirrhosis, an average of two to six capsules per day is prescribed. Drug is consumed simultaneously with eating. With biliary reflux-esophagitis is prescribed per capsule per day in the evening. The duration of therapy is from ten to fourteen days to six months. In some cases, treatment can last up to two years.

ursoliv instructions for use

The drug "Ursoliv." Instructions for use. Side effect

On the basis of admission, GI disorders are likely,diarrhea, constipation, tenderness in epigastrium, calcification of stones, malaise, headaches. The drug can provoke nausea, discomfort in the right hypochondrium, dizziness, alopecia, exacerbation of pre-existing psoriasis. Negative reactions include the possible occurrence of allergy, myalgia.

The drug "Ursoliv." Instructions. Price

The cost of the medicine is from 149 rubles.

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