/ Why are the eyes red and how to eliminate discomfort?

Why are the eyes red and how to eliminate discomfort?

Inflamed, watery eyes with modernthe pace of life no one is particularly surprised. Constant fatigue, lack of rest, prolonged insomnia - all this can easily become an answer to the question of why the eyes are red and irritated. But

Why are the eyes red?
there are other reasons for this situation. How to identify the source of discomfort and get rid of it?

Eye Diseases

If you have to think about periodically,why the eyes are red and sore, perhaps the problem is glaucoma. The disease is associated with sudden changes in intraocular pressure, which lead to redness. In addition, the eye begins to see not as clearly as before. The situation worsens with pain. It is necessary to consult as soon as possible with an ophthalmologist who will offer the right treatment.

Why the eyes are red and irritated afterload? If the intensified work of vision ends in overexertion, the causes can be in astigmatism or asthenopia. Disturbance of eye health leads to a decrease in the functionality of this organ, so after exercise there is discomfort, irritation and redness. In such cases, vision correction is required. Finally, an answer to the question of why the eyes are constantly red, can become conjunctivitis. In acute form, the mucous membranes of the eyes become inflamed, and

Why are there always red eyes?
Inadequate medical care can translate the disease into a chronic form with periodic exacerbations. Both of these cases will become permanent sources of redness and pain.

External causes

Why there are eyes red, if there are nodiseases? Perhaps, the external factor plays its role. For example, improperly selected or substandard lenses are guaranteed irritation and discomfort. A foreign body can also enter the mucous membrane, and if it does not immediately be removed, redness will soon appear. In some cases, air conditioning become the culprit of irritation, sometimes the problem is in excessively long sitting in front of the computer screen. In all these situations, the eye is not sufficiently moistened, which makes its surface redden. You can consult a specialist on the subject of special glasses to work at the computer or moisturizing drops, but usually to eliminate external causes

Why are the eyes red?
discomfort enough home remedies.

How to remove redness?

Forget the worries about why the eyes are red andinflamed, sug-sucking drops, "artificial tears" or polyvinyl alcohol will help. Such drugs reduce itching and relieve irritation. If the discomfort has appeared more recently, because you just sat at the monitor, you can try and folk remedies. For example, a compress on eyelids, made from tea bags, slices of fresh potatoes or wrapped in a handkerchief of ice cubes. Help to relieve fatigue is also a decoction of chamomile or strong black tea. For prevention, you should occasionally do special gymnastics for the eyes, and also take vitamin complexes and askorutin.

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