/ Why do the red spots appear in the groin in men?

Why do the red spots appear in the groin in men?

in the groin appeared red spots

Skin redness in the area of ​​external genitaliaorgans - the problem is quite common. Many representatives of the stronger sex turn to a doctor with a similar complaint. But why are there red spots in the groin in men? What is the evidence of such a violation? These issues are very relevant.

Red spots in the groin in men and the reasons for their occurrence

In fact, there are many reasons for the appearance of such a problem. Some of them are relatively harmless, while others are extremely dangerous.

Quite often red spots in the groin in menarise as a result of an ordinary allergy. Such a reaction can be caused by soap, body care products, and synthetic underwear fabric. It should be noted that allergic rashes, as a rule, are accompanied by severe itching.

To the reasons it is possible to carry also variousdermatoses, eczema and other skin lesions. Inflammation of the tissues in the groin area can be accompanied by other symptoms: swelling, itching, burning, as well as severe skin peeling.

Inguinal epidermophytosis

red spots in the groin in men

In some cases, red spots in the groin in menindicate the presence of epidermophyte. This is a fairly common disease of fungal origin. Such an infection is transmitted in different ways: during sexual intercourse, when sharing towels and bedding, etc.,

Inguinal epidermophytosis is accompanied by the appearance ofvery characteristic oval-shaped spots. By the way, from such a disease, men who live in places with a warm humid climate suffer most often. Risk factors include excessive sweating, wearing synthetic underwear, as well as carbohydrate metabolism and hormonal disruptions, which change the chemical composition of sweat.

As the disease develops in the affected areasskin appear small bubbles, which after a few days burst, freeing up their contents. Thus, in the groin are formed small areas of erosion, wounds covered with adherent crusts, as well as small abscesses. The disease is accompanied by burning, itching and discomfort.

Red spots in the groin in men and venereal diseases

Certainly, many diseases of the reproductivesystems that are sexually transmitted can cause skin lesions and the formation of a reddish rash. The most dangerous in this case is syphilis. The initial stages of the disease can be accompanied by the appearance of a reddish rash, in the place of which over time large enough open sores are formed. Syphilis is easy enough to heal at first, but as the disease develops, the infection also affects other organ systems, including nerve tissue.

Red spots in the groin: treatment

red spots in the groin

Apparently, the reasons for the appearance of such a problemcan be very different. That's why, if there are red spots in the groin, you should immediately consult a doctor. After all, you first need to determine the cause of redness, and it is almost impossible to do it yourself. To resolve an accurate diagnosis, you need not only an examination, but also the results of the tests.

Therapy depends on the cause of the appearance of redrashes. For example, with allergies, contact with the allergen should be eliminated and antihistamine medications taken, such as Tavegil or Loratidine. In fungal lesions, the skin is treated with a weak solution of iodine, antifungal ointments (Mikozolone, Nitrofungin), as well as preparations containing tar or sulfur.

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