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Red cheeks: a sign of modesty or illness?

As a rule, a light blush on the face weperceive as a manifestation of shyness. But there are cases when it indicates the presence of a liver or stomach disease. In addition, red cheeks can be observed if a person is long nervous, for example, in a stressful situation. The unstable state of the nervous system is always reflected in the skin of a person. This situation is not an occasion for another portion of anxiety, it is just necessary to calm down, and the next day the skin will return to normal.

However, it is worthwhile to know that regular experiences andstress can cause the development of skin disease. If at first the red cheeks appear only at the time of the strongest experiences, then there are stable spots that do not go away with time. This is due to the fact that the capillaries weaken and become thin and stretched, so that in the region of the cheeks you can see thin red threads. This condition is called couperose.

Scientists say that the walls of the vessels are thinnerdue to frequent changes in body temperature, regular experiences or depression, chronic fatigue, and even malnutrition. In the female half of the population, couperose is more common than in men, as the female hormone estrogen predominates in the reproductive system of the woman, and their skin is tender and more subject to the influence of various factors. If there is reddening of the cheek, you can notice with the naked eye small capillaries, located in the upper layers of the skin.

And remember that couperose is classified asdisease, so eliminate the problem at home will not work. It is not enough to just change your lifestyle and diet. Stagnation of blood in the capillaries leads to the development of toxins and carbon dioxide, so more radical methods are required than a soothing face mask. Currently, there are several treatments for couperose, but the most effective is the effect on small vessels with laser beams. And one session of such therapy will be enough to eliminate the problem.

Red cheeks and chin in a child arise fromother reasons and require special attention. This is usually a symptomatic manifestation of diathesis. Most children are prone to such a disease. It should be noted that the complication of diathesis can be an allergic rhinitis, asthma or dermatitis, therefore it is impossible to delay with treatment.

The red cheeks of the baby can be considered an indicatorof your diet during lactation. If the cheeks are red, it means that any product from the day before is not suitable for the child's body. Even a small piece of chocolate or a spoon of carrot lettuce can thus affect the baby's skin condition. In this situation, it is enough just to adhere to a strict diet and not allow yourself any indulgence.

However, red cheeks may appear whenartificial nutrition, that is, with the help of mixtures. This is the first signal that you need to change the power. After all, most modern dry mixtures are based on cow milk, which the baby can hardly tolerate. If after a more careful selection of food for your beloved child, the problem did not disappear, then you can take advantage of the curative option. Hypoallergenic nutrition is based on soy milk, which does not give the baby the necessary complex of vitamins and beneficial microelements, therefore, its use should be limited to a short period.

To help the delicate skin of a newborn babyyou can make baths with herbal decoctions. To do this, for three liters of water we take 15 grams of pharmacy grass, for example, chamomile, sage, dandelion, echinacea. The resulting mixture is brought to a boil, then on a slow fire hold for another 20 minutes. In warm infusion, you should bathe your baby every day for 10 minutes.

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