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Rashes on the body: red spots on the head in men

Red spots on the head of a man can scareand cause misunderstanding and fear, especially when he does not know why they came. But some men, afraid or embarrassed to appear to a specialist, begin to engage in self-medication, which can further exacerbate the situation.

red spots on the head in men
Therefore, as soon as red spots appear on the head, you should immediately consult a doctor. There is absolutely nothing to be shy here, and it's not worth it to pull with such a visit.

Why can there be red spots on the head in men

Such rashes may indicatevarious diseases, infections or usual allergies. It is almost impossible to understand the appearance of the spots, what kind of disorder and where it came from. To answer these questions, even a specialist needs to conduct tests and examinations, since without an accurate diagnosis one can not start treatment.

When should I contact a specialist?

There are several cases when you can not postpone treatment to a doctor:

  1. If the stains are itchy, and the sexual organs begin to swell.
  2. If the rash lasts more than seven days and does not pass.
  3. If the appearance of red spots is accompanied by desquamation.
  4. If the rash has a bubbling appearance and is filled with liquid inside.
  5. If the appearance of red spots on the head in men is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, as well as an increase in lymph nodes.
  6. If a man experiences anxiety and discomfort, you should also seek medical help.

red spots appeared on the head
As evidenced by the spots on the head of the penis

If the head is covered with red spots, then,possibly, so allergy is manifested. It can also be associated with inflammatory processes in the body. Sometimes, red spots can be caused by acne if the skin is prone to fat. Allergy can also appear as a result of the body's reaction to cosmetic products (gel, soap, shampoo), on powder and even on the fabric of underwear. In this case, it is necessary to exclude the irritant and take an antihistamine. If red spots appear on the head, then this may indicate a fungal disease, which is treated quite successfully. To eliminate it, usually use special medications in the form of ointments and creams.

Red spots on the head in men - a sign of infection?

Spots in the form of a rash can be a symptomvirus disease - herpes. It, as a rule, is accompanied by irritation and burning of the skin. Then after a while, there are bubbles that move from the head of the penis to the foreskin.

the head was covered with red spots
A man can feel a rezi when urinating, butalso have weakness and a headache. Some severe infectious diseases are manifested by a rash in the form of red spots. Such ailments include gonorrhea and syphilis, transmitted sexually and having their own distinctive features: purulent discharge, swelling of the genital organs, when pressed on the head of the penis, pain, perhaps its inflammation.

Helpful information

In any of these cases, it is important to remember that,Before starting treatment, you should establish an accurate diagnosis and find out why there are red spots on the head in men. If you do not take any action in time, complications such as a violation of the sexual function that can lead to male infertility can occur. Timely recourse to medical care is a prerequisite for the speedy recovery of the patient.

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