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Dream Interpretation: dream eyes

Eyes are mirrors of our soul. They can read the mood of a person, notice his experiences and joy. Sometimes we dream of a dream: mother's eyes, piercing look of another person or just a fleeting glance of people close to us. How does this dream interpretation dream? Eyes are most often seen in prophetic dreams. Pay attention to the color of the eyes. Blue, gray colors do not foretell anything bad. But brown and green eyes speak of danger. Someone obviously dislikes you and tries to alarm your feelings.

You should also pay attention to the condition of the eyes. A dream interpreter interprets red eyes as approaching a disease. Do you face health problems? Red eyes indicate that soon you will have a great cry. A loved one can betray, and maybe this is due to dismissal from work. Try not to wind yourself, but take events for granted. In the end, it's a chance to start everything from scratch. White eyes in a dream mean that you are doing wrong and you are aware of it. Conscience torments, then you should reconsider your behavior and attitude to things.

What else can the dream book tell? To look into the eyes of another person is to trust him. If he looks at you with tenderness and understanding, then this person is worthy to become your friend, he treats you well, despite the fact that he can not show it. If you see in a dream an evil, envious look - a person is clearly opposed to you. Sometimes it happens that in life everything is the opposite. But dreams are rarely deceived, so you should take a closer look at this person to understand what's on his mind. If you take your eyes off in a dream, then you subconsciously blame yourself. If you are really to blame for someone, apologize, and conscience will stop torturing you.

The dream interpreter interprets it as the expectation of events. If you cry in a dream - you need the care and help of loved ones. Tears can also mean cleansing from past grievances or negative thoughts. If your friend cries, you hurt him, offended by word or deed. If your mother cries, you should ask if she is all right. Also the dream book of the eye interprets, depending on their quantity. If you have only one eye in a dream, then in life someone tries to pull the blanket over, colleagues take away all your energy, the husband does not want to listen to you. You seem to have been left without an understanding of your loved ones. If you have three eyes, then you know more than you think. Perhaps you know someone's important secret. Do not tell anyone: the secret must remain a secret. Also, three eyes mean that in business you can excel better and better than others, than you certainly need to take advantage of.

As the dream book explains, the eyes that run insleep, talk about your insecurities. Try to concentrate on the most important and not to be scattered on a bunch of unnecessary things. Hiking with friends in the shops can wait, but it's time to finish the report, visit mom and, finally, pamper your loved one with a delicious dinner.

If in a dream you see a crowd of people, and all of themviews are fixed on you, perhaps you are at the center of everyone's attention. This is your chance to prove yourself, to show your creativity and ability to conduct business constructively. If someone screw up his eyes, it means that they are watching you, they are appreciating you. There is a possibility that you made an enemy of yourself, so be careful.

And finally I want to note that in a dream you yourselfyou will feel that you have a good eye for someone else's opinion or not. If a chill runs through your body - wait for danger or unpleasant events. If you are comfortable with contact views - everything is all right, there is nothing to worry about. And if a person, looking at you, also smiles, then expect pleasant meetings and new acquaintances.

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