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Dream interpretation: the potato is dreaming ... to what?

Dreams ... What are they dreaming about? What do they mean? These questions have been worrying people since they began to realize themselves.

dream potato
Proof of this is the clay tablet-dream book, found during archaeological excavations and numbering hundreds of thousands of years.

But how to decipher dreams correctly? Can one believe in dream-books? Let's approach the question experimentally. Suppose you saw potatoes in your sleep. This is what the Esoteric Dream Book says about it: "The potato dreams of prosperity, if it is seen or is in a dream., Its excavation presages many works, and cooking is for the guests."

Other directories contradict this interpretation.

What does the online dream book, which was already written in the XXI century, approve?

dream to dig a potato
Potatoes dream either to her crop, or to illness. Agree, a very incomprehensible interpretation. And what does Hasse say, many years ago made a dream book? "The potato," he insists, "dreams of an upset stomach." But there are also dream books of Vanga and Jung, directories for pregnant women and birthday people, Miller's dream books, flowers and hundreds of others. And the interpretations of the same phenomenon in them are completely different.

So which of them should you trust? Or prophetic dreams do not happen? Of course, there are. But when decrypting them, it is better to use information that is not obsolete or taken from the sources, and the latest discoveries of psychologists and physicians.

These experts argue that the prophetic is notthe content of sleep, and the feelings, emotions and sensations that it causes. Therefore, one person, according to an unspoken medical dream book, potatoes can dream of profit, another - to loss, and the third - to liver disease.

For example, dreams that you are digging potatoes, are tiredand you have a strong backache. What does the simple dream book say about this? Digging potatoes is for trouble. Psychologists also believe that such a dream can foreshadow the onset of a disease or the approach of critical days. The fact is that at night the body becomes more sensitive. At this time he is able to catch the weakest signals coming from beginners to get sick of organs. And back pain can be a signal to the beginning of radiculitis or inflammation of the kidneys.

One of the visitors of the somnologist complained thatshe often sees in a dream mashed potatoes, which leads her to indescribable horror. Her dream could not be interpreted by any dream book. The potato caused horror in women, because

dream potato
(this was established by a somnologist) that the lady had beguninflammation of the liver. An overweight woman consumed an incredible amount of this product, and her tortured liver warned of a beginning illness.

But dreams can not only warn of diseases. For example, a situation that, however, illustrates in different ways every dream book: collect potatoes in a dream. What does it mean? Some say that the dream is a dream for the crop, others for the disease, and the third for the guests.

Experts again pay attention to thephysiology. Potatoes can symbolize both pleasure and profit. The main thing is what a person feels. If he collects it with joy, then it is possible that a person is waiting for profit or recognition. If a person is very tired, collecting this root in a dream, he probably can not do anything.

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