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Dream Interpretation: What Scorpions Are Dreaming About

Why do we have scorpions? As a rule, such a dream portends slander, slander, gossip and intrigues of enemies. For the correct interpretation of the dream you need to consider all of its details.

What does the scorpion
French dream book

When a person dreams of a scorpion, in real life he must be afraid of the traps, which he placed secret enemies.

The dreamer of the White magician: what does the scorpion

This dream means that in the environmentthe sleeper is a person who only pretends to be good and decent in relation to him. However, from time to time, this person tries to sting more. When a dreamer is afraid of scorpions in a dream, he needs to be wary of deceptions and dirty tricks on the part of a close person, whom he trusted completely and believed in secrets. If a spider burns itself, then in the circle of the sleeper there is a person prone to self-torture. In addition, she does this in the presence of the dreamer, trying to get compassion and material benefits. Do not take on faith all the complaints and tears. This person is not so weak and helpless as he pretends. And he can at the first opportunity to go against the sleeper.

The Great Dream Book

A dream involving scorpions means thatpseudo-friends at the first opportunity will try to compromise the dreamer. Their intrigues and attacks should be tried to stop, otherwise the sleeper can suffer greatly. If a man has crushed a spider in a dream, then in real life he will deal with his enemy and the slanderer who has done harm.

Dream scorpion black

Small dream book: what does the scorpion

This dream is a warning. It says that because of some event or action that seems insignificant, the sleeper can make himself a terrible enemy. It is possible that the dreamer, without knowing it himself, inflicted a terrible resentment on someone, and this man harbored a great evil. If the person who dreams of someone in insult, the little scorpion seen in the dream says that one should not take offense for such insignificant reasons, and the hidden evil can turn against him.

Russian dream book

Why do we have scorpions? The dream personifies meanness, deceit, anger and cruelty. These arachnids attack and kill their victims with a poisonous sting. Sometimes in a fit of rabies, a scorpion can kill itself. Such dreams do not bode well.

Dream interpretation Grishina

Scorpio dreams of bitterness, enmity and victory after a difficult struggle. To women this dream speaks of a fatal destructive passion.

Nostradamus dream book: scorpion black

This arachnid symbolizes insidiousness,power and vindictiveness. If a black scorpion bitten a sleeper, then in reality he would become the object of false rumors and slander. So you need to be careful. Giant black scorpion dreams of grandiose changes.

Scorpion dream book

The Dream of Azar

Scorpio dreams of some kind of litigation or investigation.

Sonny Hasse

Dreamed a scorpion? A dream interpreter interprets this as a quick punishment that a person will incur in real life.

Sonny Taflisi

Scorpio in a dream indicates that the dreamerthere is an enemy who is not too threatening, but can damage property. However, life does not threaten anything, the enemy does not even think about it. If the arachnid bites the dreamer, then in reality he needs to prepare for the ill-treatment of ill-wishers.

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