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Dream Interpretation: an elephant - what are you dreaming about?

A very bright and interesting dream is an elephant. The dream interpretation of each author interprets this dream in different ways.

Miller dream book: an elephant is an interpretation of a dream

If a person dreams that he is riding an elephant, he wakes upthis means the acquisition of a stable position in society and the state, as well as honors. The position of the dreamer will be strengthened both in deeds and in the house. A herd of animals in a dream portends true well-being. A lone elephant promises a small, but extremely reliable business. To see him grazing is the elevation of the social state of the dreamer due to his justice and kindness.

The dream elephant

Hasse dream book: elephant - interpretation

To see an elephant in a dream is to attract other people to yourself in reality. Go on it - happiness in all life spheres. To see the killed or to kill himself is the complete collapse of all plans.

East dream book

If a dreamer dreamed of an elephant who had lashed outon him, then in real life, he will suffer some kind of misfortune or misfortune. If a person sees himself riding on a tame animal, such a dream presages a promotion.

The elephant had a dream
Gypsy dream book: elephant - what to expect?

If a dreamer is riding an elephant, then in real lifehe is endowed with power. To see how an animal passes by - in real life to come into contact with people with power, and the opportunity to get some benefit from it.

English dream book

A dream interpreter says that such a dream meansstrength and health. A person will have them for many years of life. This is also a sign that he will soon become a very respectable person.

Islamic dream book: elephant - the meaning of a dream

This animal symbolizes a formidable ruler,who knows how to fight, but with an empty soul. Whoever acquires it or sits on it - will make a close acquaintance with the ruler and achieve a high position. For a pious man, the animal seen in a dream does not bode well for anything. If the dreamer's elephant beats with a trunk, this dream dreams of riches. Talk with an animal - be awarded a ruler. To run after him is to be cruelly offended by the ruler.

XXI century dream book: an elephant - what did he dream about?

A dream elephant is a symbol of recognition,wisdom, appreciation of the mind and abilities of the dreamer. If he is in a person's room - interference, short-term negative experiences, tightness and inconvenience. Going on an elephant - a dreamer can be under a lucky luck star. This dream promises a special happiness in life. To water or feed an animal is a good job. If the elephant's trunk was dreamed - to shaky position and anxiety. If the elephant raised the dreamer's trunk - to achieve success in real life. White elephant - to be appointed to a high position. Ivory is for joy and success. Such a dream is very favorable for the fate of man as a whole.

Elephant dream book

American dream book: elephant - how to interpret?

The elephant symbolizes something that a dreamer wants to forget or forgive in real life. Ivory is in all respects a favorable symbol. Such a dream means strength and purity.

Tsvetkova dream: elephant - interpretation

An elephant in a dream signifies an elevation in life.

Nostradamus dream: elephant - what does it mean?

The elephant represents strength and wisdom. However, in some cases it can mean cruelty and vindictiveness.

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