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Dream: the bull dreams ... Why?

Continuing the theme of dreams, let us consider today,what the bull dreams about. The dream book, which is called "New", treats such a dream as a warning about any unpleasant situation. It can be a disease or a serious conflict, a loss, a loss, i.e. any situation that can spoil the mood.

dream book bull
In the edition there are some clarifications that givenot every dream book. The bull, especially furious or furious, dreamed of a woman, affirmed in the book, denotes the early appearance of a "passionate and beautiful" lover. But the white bull, according to these publishers, for some reason portends a profit. Dead horned animal - to solve problems, continues to interpret the dream book. The black bull is not on this list.

Interpretations of dreams. Can choose

Interestingly, a dream book with a pretentious title"Modern" partially agree with the New. There, too, it is written that a violent bull dreams of a lover, and the death of a bull portends wealth. However, further - continuous contradictions. What does the modern dream book say? The bull in a dream is well-being and profit in reality. But in the New, quite another, the opposite interpretation. His interpretation is given Miller's dream book. The bull prophesies leadership and success in women. Schiller-Shkolnik follows the New (and perhaps this New Dream Book repeats Schiller): the bull is exclusively for trouble. I personally like the interpretation of Freud.

bull dream book
Here is what his dream book says: a bull in a dream means that the dreamer feels sexually attractive. And further: if the bull attacks the dreamer, then it is subject to sexual harassment, most likely, same-sex. If a dreamer chases horned in a dream, then he is trying his best to disperse his sexual competitors.
Dream Book Black Bull
And if the bull is teased, then the dreamer is illegiblein the sex of man. In a word, sex and nothing more. However, there is also an intimate dream book. The bull, in accordance with his interpretations, is a symbol of marriage, if he dreams of a woman, a sign of trouble if he is seen as an attacker, and a portent of good events if he dreams "just like that." There are hundreds of publications, paper and electronic, calling themselves dream books. If you carefully look through them, you can find just such an explanation, which you personally want to get. It's like in the saying that if nine hundred and ninety-nine monkeys are nine hundred and ninety-nine years old, beating on the keys ... and so on, remember?

And what in fact

dream book bull

But in fact the bull that appeared in a dream canpredict anything, depending on the nature and beliefs of the person. For someone it is a symbol of stubbornness. Someone is afraid of his horns. Someone admires the power of this animal, someone considers it disgusting. Of course, if a dream is to be won on the bullfight, then the dream will most likely be prophetic. After all, fighting and fighting usually takes off after a long search for a solution to the problem or as a result of aggressive relations. A bull can dream after watching a movie or going on a farm. Then night dreams will only reflect the day's impressions and have nothing to do with prophetic dreams.

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