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Dream Interpretation: what you dream about, what you sink

As you know, people are dreaming not only of someobjects, beings or phenomena, but also actions. Today we decided to find out what the feeling of drowning itself, or the vision of a drowned person in a dream, can mean. For this we suggest using the help of several popular and most complete dream books.

what are you dreaming about

What are you dreaming about, that you are drowning: Gustav Miller's Dream Book

Such a dream is a very bad sign,which foresees an accident or loss of property. But if you manage to safely escape, then instead of failures you will find success, prosperity and respect for surrounding people. If you dream that you come to the aid of a drowning person, then in real life you will participate in the fate of a friend, contributing to his elevation, than to deserve his eternal appreciation and loyalty. If a girl dreams that her lover is drowning, then such a dream is a harbinger of sorrows and troubles.

What are you dreaming about, that you are drowning: Dream from A to Z

If you dream that you are drowning in some pondor the river, then prepare for the onset of difficult times in financial terms. If you are thrown a lifebuoy, then help you to solve the trouble you will help good friends. If you are drowning in a swampy quagmire, which slowly but surely drags you deeper, then you will have to spend a great deal on some great celebration. If you yourself come to the aid of a drowning person, then your relatives and friends can expect any sad events.

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What are you dreaming about, that you are drowning: Ancient English dream book

This source claims that to see a similarsleep is a very bad sign. You can be overwhelmed and crushed by the coming troubles: you will find great disappointment, despair and a sense of despair. If someone rescues you in your dream and pulls you out of the water in time, you can count on the support of a loyal and faithful friend who is always ready to help you.

What are you dreaming about, that you are drowning: Dream Interpretive

This interpreter regards such a dream asa real opportunity to avoid a great danger, to improve their affairs. There is also another interpretation, that you will become the subject of general discussion or lose something valuable. If in a dream you drown or drown another person or some object, then in real life you can solve some serious problem, but you will suffer from remorse. If a man dreams that a woman is drowning, then unexpected success and luck await him. If a woman dreams that her husband is drowning, then soon she can find out about his novel with a certain young person. If you are trying unsuccessfully to revive a drowned person, then in your family life serious problems are outlined that can lead even to a break in relations.

what does a drowning man dream about

What does it look like to drown: Modern dream book

This source assures that such a dream predicts the successful completion of an important matter for you, the resolution of all problems.

What does a drowning man dream about?: Family Dream Book

If you dreamed of a drowning man, to whom you came to the rescue, then you will find great happiness and luck. If a young girl dreams of a sinking lover, then their relationship will not last long.

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